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Upgrade path for three monitors

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I recently picked up a couple of extra monitors on a great holiday sale. I now have 3 27 inch 1080 monitors. My aging system, however, is really struggling to support pushing the extra pixels. Single monitor performance with a few graphical compromises (limiting shadow and reflections mainly) is more than acceptable. Throw the two extra monitors on, however, and I really have to cut way back on the auto-gen and airport objects to maintain any sort of framerate above 20.


Current specs: i5 4570 @ 2.9 (supposedly dynamically boosts to 3.2 when needed) I'm not a over-clocker...yet, 8GB RAM, GTX 770 4GB


So my question is for triple monitor support, what would be biggest bang for the buck upgrade? New processor (upcoming i7-7700K perhaps?...which means a new MB as well), new graphics card, GTX 1080. OR would I benefit at all from adding a second lower end graphics card to my current setup to help drive the additional monitors?

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My aging system, however, is really struggling to support pushing the extra pixels


Are you running three separate views? If so, that will be the problem. Do you have nvidia Surround enabled? You should be able to run one view across all three monitors. Your system should be capable of running that.

Triplehead2go Digital Edition works well for me with a 780Ti. Might be worth looking on ebay etc for a used one.


Doesn't that just do what nvidia Surround does?

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Yes I'm using 3 separate views in a view group. I tried nvidia surround at first but the perspective on the side views is just not doing it for me. The view group solution however is much more natural.


Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm willing to put some money in hardware to make it work, I just want to make sure I'm getting the right value for the dollar.

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TH2G is a hardware solution.

The TH2Go does the same as NVSurround and also suffers from the stretched sides..

The more you zoom in the less Distortion, but the far distance then is getting to close..

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I know a guy who just replaced his GTX 770 with a 1080… PM me.


Seasons greetings!



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