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  1. flyingsub1959

    need monitor advice....

    I use 3 22 inch monitors with a TH2G which works just fine. This also allows me to use a 4th monitor plugged into my GTX 750Ti for additional views.
  2. flyingsub1959

    LOD13 mesh for Europe

    FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation is great. It covers the whole world, including bathymetric data, resolution up to 1m
  3. flyingsub1959

    Overlaying flight path onto IFR charts?

    GeoApr Apparently it works with P3D allthough I haven't tried this.
  4. flyingsub1959

    JFK 13L/R lead inlights and Freedom tower addons?

    Worth looking at:
  5. flyingsub1959

    Upgrade path for three monitors

    TH2G is a hardware solution.
  6. flyingsub1959

    Upgrade path for three monitors

    Triplehead2go Digital Edition works well for me with a 780Ti. Might be worth looking on ebay etc for a used one.
  7. flyingsub1959

    FSLab A320XX for P3d

    Worth checking this out 151216 "We expect this new functionality to be delivered after we release our Prepar3D version which is currently undergoing final rounds of beta testing." (2nd paragraph from last)
  8. flyingsub1959

    Crazy fov

    I don't have enough information about your setup to be sure but if you have an NVIDIA card, open NVIDIA control panel, open set up multiple displays and drag the icon(s) to match your desired display configuration
  9. Are you using the correct version of ASN for P3D? It is not the same as for FSX
  10. flyingsub1959

    orbx - fsx to prepar3d - do i have to re-install orbx?

    which is why you need to run FTX Central and Orbx Libraries
  11. flyingsub1959

    orbx - fsx to prepar3d - do i have to re-install orbx?

    It was a suggestion to avoild needless hours of reinstalling software.The existing scenery.cfg entries in FSX should already contain the relevant location of the software that you have already installed and should be able to be copied to the scenery.cfg in P3D. This worked worked for me in installs of new versions of P3D (e.g P3DV2 to P3DV3) but I've not done this from FSX to P3D though. All of the steps shown are necessary.
  12. flyingsub1959

    orbx - fsx to prepar3d - do i have to re-install orbx?

    Reinstall FTX Global and Vector. Then add the entries from your existing scenery.cfg. Don't forget to update Orbx Libraries afterwards. Then run FTX Central check that everything is there and to run Vector configuration tool.
  13. This is coming
  14. flyingsub1959

    FS Recorder for P3D V3.4

    According to the OVPA 2016 International Flight Sim Web Conference last night this is something that they are working on.
  15. flyingsub1959

    FS Recorder for P3D V3.4

    This is in development