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Multi screen docking

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Hello all,


I am unsure how to go about this. I have tried to get an answer in an existing thread (2 monitor issue)

with no response. I also tried a new topic (Multi screen docking) with no response.


I went to the PMDG site and both support forums seem to be directed to AVSIM although that may simply be

my bumbling efforts.


This is my third attempt.


Can ANYBODY please tell me if ANY instrument panels are dockable/undockable in any of the aircraft

and if so which ones.


Thank you


Tony Chilcott

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Thanks for a response.


Dockable,  in FS9

1, after selecting an aircraft go to task bar,

2. click "view"

3. click "instrument panel"

4. select the panel required ie "Aft pedestal"  This brings up a window of that panel on the main screen

5. right click on the panel window. select "undock".

6. move the "undocked" panel to the display screen desired.


The same procedure can be applied to external screens ie

1. click on View in the task bar

2. select "new view"

3. make selection ie "virtual cockpit"

4. right click on the window which will appear on the main screen and click "undock"

5. move to the desired display screen.


I have no idea, and I am trying to find out, what panels are available on the PMDG 737, 777 and the 747v3 using that process, which I believe is very similiar in FSX and P3D.


I hope that clarifies what I am looking for before purchase of the PMDG product and sincerely hope that this information is/was not what was holding up the replies.


Thanks again for your response



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Sorry, but I don't really understand your problem.

For the PMDG 737 and 777, all views under "views/new view" can de undocked and moved to another screen.

These include F/O, upper and lower overhead, pedestal, outside views .......

You can create custom cameras too if you want.

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Thank you.


The only screen missing then is the throttle quadrant. If this is an available screen then I have no problem. This is exactly the information  I am, seeking.


I did not realize  that this information would be so hard to extract.  I am so accustomed to multi screen that I am reluctant to go back to a single screen.

This information will ultimately lead to a purchase of all the PMDG products as soon as soon as they are available in 64bit and P3d is 64bit as well.  That is something to look forward to.


Thanks  again



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The throttle quadrant is not a standard view.

But you can use ie the overhead view, undock and then move the view to look at the throttles - problem solved.

Or you can fiddle around which the cameras.cfg and build an extra view.

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Thank you matey, I appreciate your input.  

PMDG have sold 3 new aircraft.  I am hoping that they will update to 64bit free of charge when P3D does the same.  I cannot use them with P3D at the moment because I am running 6 screens and P3D does not do that very well.


I live in hope


Thanks again



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