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  1. Define "dockable and undockable".
  2. Thank you a million, Bro. Kyle. Worked like a charm and I flew and didn't crash (hand flying). It works like a charm. It sure was a pleasant surprise to see all the additions present. I'm going to try to wear it out now, if that's possible.
  3. Is there anything I can do to resolve a coexistance error, or do I just need to be patient and get the fix from support?
  4. greetings Phil, I've encountered this more than I like to admit. My resolution was to set the resolution on the second monitor to it's optimal settings. (recommended settings for your monitor.). It "messes with" the font only, and not the instrument. Let me know if that helps you. Enjoy the holidays.
  5. Wow, that was like stepping on a dogs foot. I've never heard such howling in my life. From grown up adults, no less. I'm really impressed.
  6. may be in the intro. and may be an option, but mine is there in the 739 and it's opted off. How 'bout that?
  7. Sounds to me like he's using two monitors and the second monitor is where he is placing his FMC. I have had this happen when the resolution was not correct on the second monitor. Just sayin'.
  8. Ok. I shudda known. Thanx for the clarification. Works just like my old 18 wheeler.
  9. I'm not trying to hijack this post, but I have been getting the same thing. I just noticed it recently. I generally fly out of Denver, CO. That is where I first noticed it. I'll be watching this post for results. Incidentally, it's the Hydraulics that I'm talking about and not the fuel.
  10. It's just like an excellent company to be on the spot with honest, intellegent communication. That sure makes for confidence in the products and people involved. Thank you.
  11. Mine will do that too. I just turn off the screen saver. Works everytime.
  12. Well, I'll also let you know that it DOES work. And thank you for your excellent work.
  13. Thank you Weston Hall. That is the one I was talking about. You are a genius and an angel sent just for me. :wub:
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