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One Amazing Yak (mini review)

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This is my short review of the newly released A1R Design Yak-55M.  P3D v3

This is a very solid addon for so low cost - if you like GA, and if you don't mind a little challenge with the markings/metric system, please go and support this developer now - it is so good!

The modelling is gorgeous, it looks similar to Carenado's graphics, the text/labels are easy to read, the gauges easy to read, the animations are great.  The sounds are cool too - switches/knobs - interior and I really enjoy the exterior sounds.  At idle the engine makes a delightful throaty sound hehe.  What set's this apart from Carenado (other than the low price)?  The flight model and systems implementation.  For instance in order to start (there is a ctrl+e option but it is disabled by default), you must prime both into the cylinders and into the fuel line (the primer is a two way device) so there's fuel pressure in front of the carb.  The engine can and should be warmed up.  There is also a smoke system for aerobatics.

Flying is snappy and fun.  I was able to perform a few maneuvers with ease, such as a hammerhead.  But the aircraft is touchy, on my first landing I stalled/spinned to my virtual death on short base to final turn oops!  I wasn't paying attention to my speed and just snap rolled her into the ground.  It is a quick machine - it'll go 210 kias at max throttle...  if you pull the power back you'll still easily get 190 KIAS.  Crosswind landings are quite tricky in my experience...  I'm guessing the demonstrated component isn't too large?  I'm not so sure - the rudder authority is interesting.  While there does tend to be enough control, during turns I must continually add more rudder to center the ball.  I've seen this before in some addons - perhaps a tradeoff for the aerobatics.  The springed gear make it simple to bounce on landing... but once you get it down keep the nose off the ground for steering and it tends to help slow you down.  I've found this way is better to help slow down vs three wheeled attitude.  Not sure how realistic that is.

Everything is in metric and labels are in Cyrillic.  Plan to read the manual (English) a few times and look at the cockpit diagrams.  Some switches do have tooltips in English.  I would love for an altimeter in feet but so far I've just googled common USA altitudes in meters and memorized them.

There is no transponder, only 1 comm and no lighting in the cockpit or external.  Hence this is a Day/VFR only aircraft.  I did add a GTN750 as a popup for transponder (and maaaaybe a GPS lol).  Also a bit odd that none of the liveries have registrations.  Hopefully some repaints will come out!

That's what I've got for now - I highly enjoy this addon - it was approx 18.50 USD at simmarket, Justflight was a little more if I recall.





















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Excellent appetizer shots! Unfortunately the wrong platform... 

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