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Obviously a newbie question: 

Using XP11 and the Logitech wireless gamepad which works great in FSX, I am unable to control the default Cessna.  

On taxi, it wants to go left even though I've set right trim using ']'.  On flight, the aircraft yo-yo's and rolls continuously, even after applying the pitch and roll trim controls (1,2,8,9,0). I also set the keys for auto-wing level and altitude hold to no effect.

Finally, is there a way to display the auto-pilot status on screen and a method to slew in chase mode (please don't mention map mode - I know.).

I never had this problem in FSX. Please advice. Thank you.

P.S.  A first impression: I like the way XP renders the roads. Much better than FSX.

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You need to apply rudder during takeoff, trim is not enough to counter propeller torque at these slow speeds. As you gain speed, rudder gets more effective and you apply less of it.

During flight, there's also torque, so there are constant small corrections needed.

Traditionally, torque effect is much stronger in X-Plane than in FSX default aircraft, but it has been reduced a bit (there was also a bug that doubled torque in XP 10, but has been fixed).


In general, you should check if your gamepad settings and calibrations within X-Plane are all optimal. Esp. check the "Control Sensitivity" dialogue (button on the lower left of the Joystick settings).


There exists no slewing in X-Plane, but you can download a slew plugin:


For autopilot status, check the "Data Output" page of the settings. In the search box, enter "auto", and you'll get four entries which are all related to the autopilot. Click their "Show in Cockpit" checkboxes.

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I found the same problem, it was difficult to control 172, my joystick is SideWinder Precision 2.
The best way I found was in Control Sensitivity, Control Response and Stability Augmentation all in 100%, General, Flight Models per frame 4.
I noticed better control over aircraft.

João Alfredo


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