This is a rare treat...

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I went online and got me a used gamer rig big enough to run FSX.

Then I thought, I need a better yoke and THQ, so I bought that too.

Speakers, this beast has a sound you wouldn't believe they tell me, Got me a pair of big ones, with a sub woofer.

Always wanted to try Track IR, finally manned up and ordered it, FedEx'ed from UK.

Done this sort of thing before at regular intervals, once every decade or so.

But never on this scale...

All for this bird, and this bird alone. 

Looked at all the youtube vids out there, and it is finally started to sink in, it isn't just a hype, it is that good!

Reading all the posts now, while I wait for my stuff.

Can't wait :)




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Welcome to the next level of the club Morten!  Next it will be multi-monitor, and after various panels, and later you'll have to see if you can resist flight deck building... LOL!

I like to fly too many higher level aircraft models, which is the only thing that stopped me from building a flight deck.  Instead, it was a Ford F-150 with all the bells and whistles (except a HUD... working on that... LOL!).

When you're ready, let me know if you're interested in Shared Cockpit.



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Great feeling, isn't it?  Once a lifetime I pull a move like that, and for the first time ever I built a no-compromise system.  No regrets.   

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Hi Dave! Thanks for the invite :)

Although I have access to a home built 737 flightdeck right outside the house, I must fly the 747-400!

The size, beauty and complexity of this aircraft makes this a better use of my time than the realism on the ACP-C flightdeck right now, simple facts as they are.

Really enjoy being desk simmer too, immersion has never been a problem for me, these machines makes it inevitable, so much to keep track of, love it :)


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