Lots of Promise for Smooth Flying--Question about Views

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Hi all,

In the spirit of supporting new flight sim efforts, I've flown a bit in the early release of FSW and think it has promise, especially if they can get good third party support.  Flight dynamics are smooth, as is rendering with GForce 1060 card.

Having said that, I've been with X-Plane for some time now, and am used to using the mouse for view movements.  I can't seem how to figure in FSW how to use the mouse for moving my view (like I can in AeroFly2 even).

Any suggestions?  I thought I remembered being able to do this in FSX, but it's been a while.


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You can use the mouse while pressing the Space bar ( by default, just like in FSX / P3D ) and you can also assign a trigger button / key to it.

I usually assign one of the buttons to switch on / off "Mouse Look".

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Thanks....my, how much I've forgotten about FSX related shortcuts!


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I did a flight out of Heathrow over the city London and then to Gatwick I admit not maxed out scenery high, 50-60fps smooth as silk no stutters with the Seneca on a PC ( i5 3.4kgz CPU, msi 960 4gb GPU, 4GB RAM ) I intend to do another home build soon the last one went a year ago, I have been waiting to see what hardware I would use for a flight sim build again judging by this I will have no problem with the latest hardware. 

Unlike some here I think this has a future I purchased FSX GOLD on the day of release as I did others before, to compare this with default FSX full version DTG are on the right road, and I will stick my neck out and say this my well be the main platform of the future in place of FSX, Which was slated by some on release on this forum and others, As for the third party developers they will come, and those that do not want to someone else will fill the void, it`s called business and if theirs a dollar to be made someone will make it.

Ray Fry. 

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