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  1. Wow. That's the main word that comes to mind. A self-serving response to an inquiry that has no benefit or aid, other than to pump up the responder's self-importance? But what do I know? I just don't see any reason to rain on anyone's parade to make myself look like I matter more than I do. AirProudPilot, I hope you get some assistance. Avsim can be a helpful place, or at least it used to be...
  2. The only reason for me to upgrade would be the AI Helos, but there's been minimal mention of that. I miss my FSX-based Heli Traffic 2009 or whatever it was called, so would like to see some rotor based activity. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same thing from 2006, with another coat of paint applied, IMO.
  3. You've just put a large amount of Orbux products on the shelf! Want better land classification? Too bad, because (AFAIK) P3D doesn't recognize anything but default files. It also only recognizes default.xml, not any third-party separate additions. So if you don't want the files merged or replaced... what's a poor simmer to do? Until L M makes the "mandatory" system work 100%, there will be times and psuedo-needs to replace default files.
  4. GA Traffic will only use the textures that are already installed, be they default or third-party. It will then generate traffic based upon those variants that you select. If you are looking for repaints, the library here might be a source?
  5. Back after doing some FSX cleanup from installing some third-party libs that change wayyy too much... Went out east of LA where I had spent some years and flew west towards KLAX. Initially I was only admiring 'some' autogen and looking for LAX from afar. Then as I got into the 'basin' I looked out the window and had a OMG moment! Houses everywhere at Very Dense setting. All neatly lined up along the streets, stretching far into the distance. Certainly one of the more real moments I've experienced in many, many years enjoying FS products. Looking forward to exploring more of the many parts of the state and still haven't decided if I want to fill in the NE portion that is missing. And seeing if I have any afcads for airports not already done? Installation was fine, once I got de-orbixsized. Well done, Roland. A thumbs-up from me!
  6. My exuberance was tempered after a while, sitting there wondering why the download map looked a little odd. Then I realized that the NE section of the state was cutoff well before the border with Nevada. There's not much out there TBH, but it is pretty country and makes for a scenic tour. Way back when..., I had some photo work for all of the north but I'll be darned if I can find where (and if?) I stored the BGLs. I could attempt to fill in the missing area, but physical issues makes that a larger task than it might normally have been.
  7. I'm going to start downloading the Blue Sky freebies and look forward to seeing how the autogen works. But I want to express a big Thank You for the efforts involved!
  8. Depending upon the package's requirements (any DLLs), there's nothing to stop someone from using a FSX watercraft in P3D4. After all, P3d4 does come with a submersible ship out of the box. Proper water based data would need to be extended from the limited areas shipped with P3D4.
  9. It's a 32 bit product that won't work in a 64 bit P3D. If it doesn't crash P3D4, there will be gauges that fail to display.
  10. Sure there is, at the Orbx forums. This is an unofficial forum at a different web location. Sort of user to user versus user to developer.
  11. Huh? Say what? There are over 190 airports in that file and to "fix" a problem at one airport that the developer can't/won't remedy you suggest wiping out a vast majority of airports in Florida? That's like going to a Doctor for an in-grown toenail and him telling me amputation of the foot is the cure...
  12. I see comments like this and just chuckle. IIRC, NL2000 is something like 30gb+ and runs in FSX. FSX is a 32bit program, limited to no more than 4gb of RAM. How's all that photo work fitting into 4gb of RAM? Or Mega Cali or Texas or most any other US state? Without going into a detailed explanation of SDK files and indexing, can we please stop saying photo work is always loaded into memory? Unless someone cares to put up pics of their 64bit system running 192gb of RAM?
  13. Developers (esp Flight1) have tailored their addons to a specific simconnect version and as P3D3 has a later version than the FSXs I would wager a guess the effort would not succeed. Plus I'm pretty sure that nasty EULA language might come into play.
  14. The only sure method (for me) is to have an unmolested version of the sim sitting somewhere safely and then restoring folders from that. You have many changes being made to default files and trying to work back to a "pre-install" status can be challenging, to say the least.
  15. Yes, if you know where to look. And before anyone panics..., it's available from Microsoft.
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