Anything else out there like FSEconomy?

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For FS flyers, there seems to be a few choices for 'flying with a purpose'. From what I've seen, these consist of:

  • VAs
  • FSEconomy
  • FSCaptain
  • FS Passengers

I like the idea of FSEconomy as a 'charter-based' community with tied-in economics (less pressure to be an 'airline' as with VAs and FSC/FSP), but I don't like how stagnant and progression-difficult it is (not to mention some of the hypocritical nature FSE inherently has). I'm not trying to pooh pooh on anyone's interest in FSE, but for me it just doesn't seem progressive enough and too 'wait around years for this to happen before you can get what you want'. With that said, is there anything else out there like FSE which might take the idea and vastly improve it for the casual gamer?

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You omitted the best option, Air Hauler 2.  If economics is what interest you, you should take a gander at that product. 

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Air Hauler 2 is probably the closest thing to FSEconomy, although it's still very different in many areas. I haven't tried it because it doesn't support X-Plane. Even if it did, I don't like the option of having AI pilots fly missions when the player is offline. For me, that would reduce the feeling of accomplishment when advancing a virtual charter business. When I finally earned enough $V to "buy" my first plane in FSE, it meant something, because I had worked hard for it.

On the other hand, I know what you mean about slow progression in FSEconomy. I've been flying it for years, and I think the key to enjoying the game is role-playing, and patience. I've avoided trying to buy FBO's or a big fleet of planes, and have just managed to pick up and maintain two "owned" aircraft: a PC-12 and Bell 412. That's enough for me. I can easily afford the (new) monthly maintenance fees by flying just one or two assignments a month. I've avoided getting deeper into the game where I'd feel stressed and "have" to fly to avoid losing my assets.

If there is another game out there similar to FSE and Air Hauler aimed at GA/charter ops, I'd like to know about it. But I think these are the main choices right now.

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Also, there is Maintenance and income tool:




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