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This bird taxis way too fast for me. Does anyone know if you are able to adjust any settings in the air file to slow the taxi speed down? And if so, how? Don't care if it is realistic or not, I just want to slow it down on the ground.




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You could try the fsuipc taxi friction mod. It cured my C441 problems


DynamicFriction.lua    added to Modules folder



1=Lua DynamicFriction


added into config

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Just to ask the obvious: Did you set the condition levers to taxi?

Edit: And see for a different MU-2 implementation (for X-Plane):


Welcome to the real world!    Taxiing in a Moo does indeed require beta (reverse) region.  or routinely going in and out of beta range to control taxi that is perfectly normal.

Edit 2: From the real-world aircraft's manual:


During taxi the fuel flow is adjusted in proportion to the propeller pitch as
established by the power levers to maintain engine rpm limits. Positioning
the power levers from flight idle to reverse will change the propeller pitch,
thus allowing the pilot adequate control during taxi.

Edit 3: Another hint from the real-world aircraft's manual:


If excess speed is attained, reverse thrust may be used by pull i ng back the
power levers slightly over ground idle detent to slow down taxiing speed.


So it seems this is realistic.

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My personal trick with the Moo is to put the condition levers in as low a position as will start the engines, then if I want to control the taxi speed at idle, I will actually use F2 to pull the power lever back incrementally between regular idle (F1) and just until I hear the prop pitch change. This allows me to control the ground speed pretty easily. 

But, yes, it is very normal to have to use beta to control taxi speeds in RW turboprops. If you have ever watched Steveokinevo on Youtube (he's a TBM 850 driver), he typically tells you when he's pulling the power levers over the beta stop when he's taxiing to let you know:  You might check out some of his videos. Also, if you are familiar with Premier1driver on Youtube, he used to make videos with his Mu-2 before he bought the Premier: as a general reference. 




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