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Hi there,

I've just bought a SSD and GTX1080ti with the view of upgrading from FSX SE to P3D V4.

I have however noticed when I've just gone onto the recommended specifications on the LM website that they are recommending DDR4 2666 ram? I have 16 GB DDR3 1600 ram and was not looking for a complete PC Upgrade to run the sim.


Has I meet or exceed all the other recommend specs, will I get good performance running DDR3  as opposed to the DDR4 2666?

How crucial is it to have the latest ram to run the game?


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You should be fine. As with anything, the faster the better but you should still have a very good experience.My #2 system is 1600 DDR3 - runs like a champ.



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I also have DDR3 1600 and an older gtx 970 (see specs in sig) and I'm very happy with P3Dv4 performance.  Always want more but my CPU / GPU loads are running with plenty of margin.

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Gains in CPU/GPU performance can be measured in 25-250% increase in FPS performance, RAM speed variances are measured in 5-10% increase in FPS performance.  For flight simulators bus saturation usually isn't a problem so long as you have reasonably good latency.

System RAM usage I have not exceeded 16GB yet (around 14GB total usage).

For VRAM usage I've hit a peak of 11GB.


Cheers, Rob.

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P3D will run just fine on DDR3 RAM, it's the CPU and the GPU which really make the difference on frame rates for ESP-based sims. I've had P3D V4 run on a computer with only 4 Gb of RAM and it was still clocking 125 fps, so more and faster RAM would probably have only meant it loaded quicker, rather than ran faster or smoother.

Lockheed Martin's recommended specs are exactly that, recommendations rather than a necessity. Software companies always go large on recommended specs for their software so that they don't get complaints from people about things running less than brilliantly if they recommend anything less.

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