Hello, new to AvSim, but not to simming.. :)

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Hello... long-time simmer here, since FSII on Commodore64 days (like many of us...lol!).

For the past 10 years, I've been involved in the Wings Over Flanders Fields Project as a "skinner", known as the handle 'OvS'.  For the longest time, I always wanted to get into skinning GenAvs for Flight Simulation, but never had the time.

I'm approaching 25 years in the Airline business as an LAE (Licensed Aircraft Engineer) for a Major International Carrier.  I'm around the heavies every day of my life... so to me, aviation is all about the little guys.

I jumped into Just Flight's PA-28R and used the paint kit to create a skin dedicated to my High School AeroScience teacher, Doc Warren... old "23T" as he was known.   He did not own an Arrow, but I love GenAvs and the look of this classic plane, coupled with a classic paint makes an instant favorite.   Having worked on GenAvs before I started my career in the Majors, I always love to go back to the look, smell and feel of the little planes.

I intend to make this a public download for anyone interested... once I figure out how to make the Instrument Panel registration identifier read "N23T" instead of the default... G-BGKU!!

ummm...how can I post a pic??

All the best... keep 'em flying!




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Welcome aboard.

Easiest way to post a pic is probably to use Imgur: https://imgur.com/

Create an account, upload a pic, then right click on it and choose 'copy image address', then paste that into your post on the forum. That should get you this kind of thing:


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Thanks fellas... 

Looks like my account went legit.  I can reply now.. :)

Here is N23T for the Just Flight Piper Arrow III.  I hope to do more of these in the very near future, paying closer attention to the somewhat simple 'old skool' style paint schemes of the 60's and 70's.   Dedicated to Doc Warren, Aero Science Professor and all around cool guy... Lindenhurst High School - 1987... miss you Doc... N23T!


Will be available very soon for download.


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I got so excited when I read your post.  I have been trying to download and paste a photo (or photos) of my "baby" for a couple of weeks now, 

I have, in fact, established my imgur  account, got 11 images in there but when I right click on any of them I do not get the choose "copy image address"

My options are

open link in new tab

open link in new window

open link in incognito window

Save link as

copy link address

Download with IDM and,


I have tried them all and none of these appear to either leave a link to the photo nor do they paste a photo to the topic.

I think I may have accidentally downloaded and installed a specifically Martian version of Windows 43872 cos none of this makes sense to me.

What on earth am I doing that is wrong?

This all started because I wanted to put a photo of my cockpit as my "Avatar" and I wanted to add two photos of my 737 in my signature. Obviously the cockpit photo worked but nothing else. I am currently negotiating with a veritable army of rocket scientists (NO ... Kim Jong Un is not one of them as he is only an expert on self harm and dangerous threats) in order to sort this out. I even started a thread in which Sesquashtoo tried to help.

I apologise in advance for my humour which in reality is just a cover for my frustration.

Anyway any help would be great

Regards to you and all

Tony Chilcott

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Please pardon my ignorance. I started out reading this thread and wanted to wish you a very warm welcome to the best forum on the internet bar none. I hope your stay here is a long and very pleasant one.  I am sure it will be.

Having said that, I got very much distracted with Chocks response (a very wise man by the way and he has helped many many people on this forum) and then ticked off with your screenshot.  I hate you with all the vengeance of  a jealous and scorned woman and let me tell you, it do not get more worser than that LOL

Again, mate all the very best during your tenure here.



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Hello all,

I think I have done it guys. the image above is "My baby"

This repaint is a fictional design for the (FS2004) IFLY 737 BBJ3 (please note even the windows have been changed to reflect the interior design of the BBJ3) It will shortly be available as a free download on the flight 1 IFLY repaint section. If I can work it all out, I should also like to upload to the AVSIM library. Please bear in mind that it requires the IFLY 737 for FS9 with updates pre-installed.

She originated as a tribute to my lovely Indonesian wife whose name is also the aircraft name and appears just behind the cockpit windows.

The "Five Star Charter" came from the fact that she (at least) believes that she is FIVE STAR material.

The aircraft registration comes from VH (Australian Commercial operation) and CAC are my initials.

The colors are official Australian colors and made most famous by Australia winning the Americas cup for the first time (the Ozzie boxing kangaroo)

I emailed a chap (Bartek "Holo"  from Kazhol Design who took on the repaint following my ideas.

He actually contributed the tail and winglet design,as my idea, which was simply was a large solid green, five pointed star with a Gold figure 5 in the centre, actually looked a little bland and did not quite marry up to the whole theme. It then became our baby but I just adore the final result. My wife actually cried when the project was revealed. I would also like to state that he very generously, did all this work free of charge for me.

I would really like some feed back on the whole project and if anyone would like the email address for Bartek, please PM me.

I shall start a new thread and post some more photos. but please, please let me know what you think.


Tony Chilcott

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