FSX being Blocked

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When I start FSX into a flight windows is blocking it from accessing my graphic hardware on my late 2014 mac mini.


Anyone help please really annoying me sooooo much 


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Running on a Mac emulator is, I'm afraid, the only area of support I've never done and I don't really understand it at all, and I don't know too many people who do - but I do know one.  If Jim Young isn't able to help you, or if someone else here doesn't chime in, I'll reach out to my friend and ask him to.

I wrote to him anyway... hopefully he'll pop in here.


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I do not believe you can run FSX or any simulator on a 2014 Mac Mini.

Via Google I found that there might be a small chance to get a Mac Mini to work with FSX even though Microsoft did not list any Mac as compatible with FSX.  It was developed with Intel desktops in mind.  I seriously doubt you would enjoy flight simulation with a Mac Mini although I read that X-Plane has a version compatible with Mac stuff and that might be the direction one who owns a Mac to take.  Asking us why your video card is being blocked when the product is not even compatible (as indicated on the boxed version of FSX) seems strange to me.  It's like getting X-Box to work with FSX when there is no X-Box version. 

Hopefully you can find a solution via Google as I doubt many of our members use Mac's.


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Hi Greggr1,

Dave sent me a text a while back but apologize as i have not been on skype in quite some time.

To help with your question, to the best of my knowledge, FSX will not run on a mac when using an emulator.  Not sure why but it may have something to do with registry, but that is just a guess.

When i ran it on my Macbook pro, i used bootcamp (a free app built into mac).  First, you will need a licenced version of windows.  Second, You run the bootcamp program on your mac.  This will partition your harddrive and let you install windows operating system on the second drive.  Then when you fire up your mac, you have the option of booting into windows or OSX.

When you start up Windows, the computer will act just like a PC.  You can then install FSX and it will run just fine.

On the Mac mini though, don't know if it will run due to its own limitations.

Hope this helps


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