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  1. Hi, I was doign a flight from KOAK to KMDW 4 ish hours flight after about 3 ish my sim seems to have crashed to desktop and in app crash viewer if says the code in the title and the description follows as: 'A heap has been corrupted.' Any ideas ? my system is intel core I7 7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz 64 bit 32 gig ram Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 Laptop With cooling fan for extra cooling Sim and chrome running then Active Sky and ACARS, Vpilot all on separate pc networked I've taken screenshots below of my p3d v4 settings.
  2. Greggr1

    turning in air behaviour

    Okay i've changed it so in active sky the wake turblence is 20 max it was on defult 70 i think see how that does if it changes anything Thanks
  3. Greggr1

    turning in air behaviour

    So I'm unsure if this is the aircraft or p3d but when I've just taken off or landing, the aircraft seems to make jerky then smooth turns whilst the roll angle is set maxium 30 but, the aircraft will roll nicely and then randomly the aircraft will turn jerky quick them back to normal. This only happens on take off and landing. Tjanks
  4. Greggr1

    PMDG Fuel issue

    need to wait till more money comes in for pedals but will the ins and del key be bound already to do that
  5. Greggr1

    PMDG Fuel issue

    thanks, i do have anyhtor issue if you know an answer to it But in xplane 11 i need to control nose wheel with something i only have yoke and throttle quad, not pedals, the ailerons does work but the nose wheel doesn't turn enough to make the tight enough turns i need to
  6. Greggr1

    PMDG Fuel issue

    So i think i fixed the issue, i kept loading on a refuel ramp spot because the stock airport had now where else to spawn and i only thought the refuel action happens if you tell flight sim to do it but apparently if the aircraft is on that spot it tries to refuel no matter what, obvs you can't do this with pmdg etc. but thanks for all your help
  7. Greggr1

    PMDG Fuel issue

    I load it normally from setup flight, straight into a fresh session with cold and dark. no other fuel controlling software i do have acars program but that's never caused issue before, i have gsx but again that's never caused issue with fuel. The only new additon is logitec flight pro yoke system. Thanks
  8. Greggr1

    PMDG Fuel issue

    Hi, When i star the sim at aiport, the aircraft initalises i filled my fuel to correct levels but now my fuel level keeps jumping to full and back ? i've already reinstalled once
  9. Greggr1

    P£D V4 Graphics Issue

    Also have you any idea on the first part of my issue the tear, shimmering, motion blur etc issue. I say them three as that's closest i can relate it to.
  10. Greggr1

    P£D V4 Graphics Issue

    right so nothing to do with my system like pushing it to much etc
  11. Greggr1

    P£D V4 Graphics Issue

    Hi, I seem to be having issue with P3D V4, at first when flying in PMDG 737 NGX when i'd pan my view around the panels would look like there tearing, shimmering, as if motion blur was applied, so i googled and watcha video on youtbe to set navidia inspector so that my fps limit was 30 and vertical sync half refresh rate along with v-sync and tripple biffering off in sim. This didn't fix the issue, but now after making several flight changing various settings and also rebuilding .cfg file my graphics driver now keeps crashing. I seem to be experiencing error messages saying the drivers have stopped bassically forcing me to quite p3d and re start hoping it dosen't come up again.
  12. When I start FSX into a flight windows is blocking it from accessing my graphic hardware on my late 2014 mac mini. Anyone help please really annoying me sooooo much Thanks
  13. would the CPU and Graphics card listed be any good to run FSX would Fsx run and look much better then on my current system mac mini Mac Mini: CPU: intel core i7-4678U CPU @ 3.00 GHz 3.00 GHz Possible new pc with hardware CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core Processor 7700HQ (2.8GHz, 3.8GHz Turbo) Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 - 6.0GB GDDR5 Video RAM - DirectX® 12.1
  14. Greggr1

    Ground Taxi Friction

    Hi all, Anyone know a way to make the taxi on ground better friction wise I feel the aircraft really slides on the ground and doesn't feel realistic, I have dynamic friction in from fsuipc, however, I don't know how to increase the dynamic friction or how to add an entry so the increase dynamic friction only effects the majestic aircraft and none others. Thanks
  15. Greggr1

    GSX parking off

    In some cases I don't mind it, there are times however where it's off by quite abit and the front of aircraft will be in building slightly