Female FO and her flaps

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Really enjoying this latest addition and I'd like to make a couple of suggestions...

I refer to the female FO because that's who I'm using right now. Setting flaps after engine start: If, for any reason you neglect to call for "Flaps 10" or "Flaps 20" immediately following the after start actions and BEFORE the after start checklist, that's it! She (or he) simply won't respond to a flap deployment request thereafter. Though this may be because of a failure to follow the exact SOP, I can't any real life situation where the FO would completely ignore the Captain's requests for flaps, even if that request is a little late and out of the SOP's sequence. I have asked for the "after start checklist" a few times having forgotten to request flaps prior and the FO just ignores me. This is not the way to treat a Captain!

Also, another user here suggested that the female FO sounded a "bit flirty"... I agree but would go further and say that she sounds completely "yeehar" - like she's been spending too long at Cross-fit, or with a life coach. In fact, I'll go as far as to say she sounds a little deranged or been overdoing the amphetamines. To some extent the same goes for the UK FO too. All of this "cool" slang business is a bit grating to be honest and not the way a humble FO conducts him or herself. I know it's just a simulation but there are many of us who strive for as much authenticity as possible. It's difficult enough without having Tigger acting as your FO. Perhaps you could change the dialogue or ask the actor(s) to tone it down a little in future?

Best wishes,



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Hi Luke,

We have to limit when certain voice commands will actually trigger the effect.

That's because if the speech recognition system hears, by mistake, say "Flaps 20" during the preflight procedure, you don't want the flaps coming down then.

Which specific phrase does she sound "yeehaw"?  She's an American.  That's just the way Americans talk.  Your lucky she doesn't call you "Partner"... :-)


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