platforms and licenses for GTN750

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Hello guys,

I have done a bit of reading and I really just want a clarification.

I am aware that this guage/software is available across a lot of platforms which is great news.

I can't see any reference however to licenses.  If I buy the GTN750 can I use it in all platforms ie FS9 FSX P3D FSW and Xplane or do I need a license for each platform?


Tony Chilcott

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30 minutes ago, himmelhorse said:

Thanks guys, 

I have to say that that was a great "whoopsie" 

No help but I loved it.

Any other help?



LOL, yeah learnt my lesson jumping straight into posts from the main Forum page :-)

Apologies as well to the Mods and RXP personnel


You all have a great day!

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@Tokitaumelie apologies accepted!

@himmelhorse Let me try to clarify. The Reality XP GNS V2 is available in two different product lines: for X-Plane and for FltSim. 

The FltSim product line supports P3D4, P3D3, P3D2, P3D1, FSX-SE, FSX-ACC, FSX-SP2, FS9-SP1.

The X-Plane product line supports X-Plane 11, X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 9.

A single retail license in a simulator product line grants you the right to use up to 2 devices of the same type (2x530, 2x430) on the entire simulator product line. That is 1 GNS 530 V2 license for FltSim grants you the right to use up to 2x530 on all FltSim products listed above, even at the same time (that is you can launch P3D4 and fly your aircraft, then launch P3D2 and fly another aircraft).

We also offer professional license to accommodate any variety of platforms and device options.

NB: At this time, the Reality XP GTN 750/650 Touch for X-Plane is released and the FltSim version is coming up very soon, and the same principles should apply. Mind you, the final price list is not published yet.


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Jean Luc,

Thanks for your response.

I am not sure that Laminar would be thrilled to be not regarded as a Fltsim LOL.

Hoiwever, please let me clarify.

I want the GTN for FS9, P3Dv4 and Xplane 11. I will not be flying them all at the same time (Try as I may, I am unable to do this with my outdated computer.)

Am I able to do this with a single purchase or do I need separate licenses for Flight Sim platforms AND Xplane 11?

I apologise for remaining a little confused. At this time, I really only want the GTN750 when released for all platforms.

Thanks again


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