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  1. Thanks you for this update Jean-Luc Nice, G600 is coming... :p (Don't forget to take a rest during christmas with your family ;)
  2. I would be pleased to help you but my life priorities have changed, my wife's cancer is back and strong :/ (and i have to deal with my 4 years old child, that sucks !) That's why i'm not very active and will not be for a while.
  3. In his case, the trainer seems to not working stand alone also
  4. it works for me. i just have to place the pointer and wait 1 second, then the tooltip appears and i can "Shift right click"
  5. this allow to have GNS V2 yes (that's why RXP product are greats, it's easy to install !), but not all the VC button are working without using this "GNS530RXPButtons.xml"
  6. Efforts from customers but not from A2A. They are waiting the contact coming from RXP.
  7. Aerosoft Bush Hawk over PAPG (Tongass X), P3DV4.0 (ASP4 + ASCA + Envdir + EnvShade) VFR Panel IFR Panel
  8. My favorite bush plane is Bush hawk XP from aerosoft. i just finish to integrate GNS 430 V2. i will post mod tomorrow
  9. GNS530 V2 For Aerosoft DHC6 Twin Otter extended (tested on P3Dv4) Panel.cfg (original lines are put in comments with // ) RealityXP.GNS.ini Into panel folder, create an RXP folder put inside a xml file named "GNS530RXPButtons.xml" GNS530RXPButtons.xml : that's all. All buttons in VC are working, except long press on CLR to back to default nav.
  10. A recommandation ? stop using F1 product, RXP one is better in all aspects (i own all products, GTN and GNS from F1 and RXP)
  11. It will work only with supported version
  12. My Milviz Beaver checklist i had done for the "other" GTN, should work with RXP one. don't forget to place it at the right place with the right name (see manual) Written from Milviz Beaver manual and real Beaver POH POHs/DHC-2-Beaver-POH.pdf PS: i have to re work a little on that checklist because it's not really adapted to GTN display (sentence too long for example), but it is a good working base i think.
  13. The other discussion is here :
  14. Here is what i said on another thread on aVSIM: