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  1. You have time for this, MSFS will be stable and complete in months, perhaps years 😉 Personnaly, i have uninstall it until better days.
  2. ah ah, not better. but, now, Child was back to school, so i can do my job again
  3. A real Garmin G1000 used 15" monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 if a remember. If the sim do more, it's too much 😉
  4. Thank you for your excel sheet but i'm only on MSFS 2020 now (i don't have lot of time for sim so i prefer to stay on one plateform only). Then, for the moment, i don't have usage of my wonderful RXP units :(. i'm back to roots with needles only (and my eyes) for flying ;).with hope for RXP and their amazing skills to find a workaround.
  5. Having a function to export flightplan from one unit in a format that can be import on another unit could be a workaround for crossfill. A manual crossfill ;). (and in a better way than "playing" with nonvol files if i remember) But i'm agree, it's really not a top priority. Just one unit can do so much !
  6. Very bad news but predictable when we know how your products works and how MSFS is done. They should open more of the internal engine. I don't know if it's a good idea to connect to their PA, as it is really bad 😉 But your skills are amazing and i have faith. I you need testers a day, i'm here
  7. As the new MFS doesn't support (yet ?) dll modules, it seems to be difficult to have GTN / GNS working. And WASM seems to be very limited. I'm not optimistic. Same for Goflight modules (perhaps they can make somes things by simconnect). But goflight has totally disapear. Total silence. and using a sim without my rxp and my Goflight module...i don't want
  8. 20 minutes to wait before starting download. 😄
  9. Export fpl created on 750 unit (i like to create FP on the unit) and import it to 650 (a manual crossfill 😄 )
  10. G1000 trainer is not free compare to other trainers, and is specific by aircraft..
  11. Good luck with the huge amount of work that is waiting for you to make all your great GPS working with FS 2020 😉
  12. F1 GTN unique, perhaps but RXP with GNS were the first to use garmin trainer and in a better way, a long time before (on FS9 and FSX) but not only, RXP had a Weather Radar and some excellent gauges too. That's why i had switch to RXP GTN at the very beginning (before official release ;)) without doubt. F1 GTN are good, but RXP GTN are excellent. They have more experience and more skill to deal with Garmin Trainer (and customers !). Functionnalities, performance and visual rendering are far better.
  13. Same for me, and for everybody. F1 said it's an issue into the 3D model of the cockpit and nothing can be done. So i use it with default GPS500 config and putting RXP530 inside, i don't use VC buttons so i don't care.
  14. Thanks you for this update Jean-Luc Nice, G600 is coming... :p (Don't forget to take a rest during christmas with your family ;)
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