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  1. When i was talking about integration, i was not talking only about a grapical integration in the VC, but the ability to interact with ALL system in the cockpit (and in the core sim). it was not very clear, sorry
  2. reading this, i can just repeat that you do not have understand what the complains were about. But i can understand the TDS is enough for majority of MSFS audience. It is a good product, like F1 Flight GPS were on FSX/P3D. I already discussed about that with Tiberiu (for whom i have respect for his work) in private, and i prefer waiting for a fully integrate product, what MSFS do not allow in its current state. The other developper (busy with other aviation related professional activities and with the amazing "OpenXR-Toolkit") just want to wait for this if i remember. Both vision are respectable, like both developpers are. I have respect for what they have done, what they do and what they will do for us, simmers, each by its own way. I don't care about all these teenage quarrels i can read on forums by the community (or rather what it has become, unfortunately), i'm too old for this 😄
  3. The problem has never been the VC integration. I think you just do not understand what is was about. I'm sure Tiberiu would be happy to have some features this well know dev has asked for (like ability to override some internal vars, like HSI, autopilot states etc...) to enhance its already very good product.
  4. i don't really have much better result between wifi and cable (i'm in Wifi 6) in FS. Don't forget in wifi to set bitrate at 200mb/s (or 0 can work also sometimes) in Oculus tray tool and in the headset too. No more or you will have big latency and stutters.
  5. i'm working on a scenery, all assistance settings back to easy mode each time i build the package. it is very annoying
  6. it seems to be implemented in dev, i saw it on WT discord yesterday. reversionnary during boot sequence and also if the MFD is switched off.
  7. if not, your air link data rate should be set to 0
  8. Yes, i didn't say the delay was the fact of MS 😉 but it gives them some times to focus on other things. Probably it is near to be finish, but they will not spend time in support for it, they have some "free time" (and perhaps they start to understand some people are waiting for a stable plateform before having new content, adding more and more support time, they really need to unstack Zendesk reports before).
  9. it is a good signal if they do like this. And perhaps the delayed Top Gun DLC give them the time for this
  10. yes i watched it, not easy for me, i'm not very good in English ;), but yes, good things are coming, i hope they will focus more on fixing features (some bugs are logged from last year, somes from beginning of alpha) and enhance the core in the next months. i know modify core code with lot of the FSX spaghetti code (as they often call it) remaining is a hard and delicate task.
  11. ATC, autpilot, flight plan system, here are some of functionnality coming from fsx. and it is more important than beautiful cloud for a simulator. They have done an awesome cosmetic job, but on the core, not really at the moment. They have change the physic, i don't feel it is really better (the behavior of aircraft at ground is just a joke, and always this feeling of flying on rail, yaw axis is bad also). Some high fidelity products are none welcome also. this point is a regression. But i really enjoy the product, especially since i have a VR headset, i fly every day and make my first scenery since i play FS (FSII) (PALH on Flightsim.to). I'm patient and believe in the future but actually, it doesn't meet my requirement. But i know my way is not the only way. that's why i use both MSFS and XP, we don't have to choose, we can enjoy both product for different aspect, this is what i do without judging the way of using the sim of others (all these stupid fan war are irriting me, from both side, just teenager reactions). (Team has changes several times since the beginning of the franchise, it is not an argument 😉 ) They are very good game developper, but they need to open their door to sim aviation experts with experience. they are on a learning curve, yes, but so many time loose to reinvent the wheel. Regards,
  12. MSFS is not a new product of 1 year old, but a new version of a 40 years old franchise. It hasn't been built from scratch.
  13. For such real 1:1 avionics, having to pay is not a issue. For units you will using for hundreds of hours, the price per flight hour is insignificant. But i' afraid than this kind of units will be blocked (or already are) to avoid concurrency to internal products, even if then don't have the same level of fidelity or even if they wouldn't be used IRL with a NXi.
  14. even if the way of expressing the criticisms is not always appropriate (but this is to be expected when making a product for a large public in game industry), I am sure that they take into account comments, even the negative ones , to improve the (always good) product, which is beneficial to everyone, So thx MS and Asobo AND peoples from community raising issue, missing features and doing so many good freeware/payware product around the sim (excluding thoses doing "easy money" products without customer respect)
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