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  1. the latest release is 2.3.1 ? (which is working good) where did you find a version ?
  2. Garmin G1000 trainer cost 25$ and is specific by aircraft.
  3. Hi, i have installed RXP 530 for FSX, P3Dv3 and P3dv4 at the same time. And in the addon_cfg.xml for P3DV4, the link was to the "32" version folder, not the "64" (and of course, nothing was working. the addon was registered but no menu entry and no unit were available. i have corrected the file manually and now it's ok but i prefer to alert you about this issue. it's a real pleasure to have a gns in my sim, i have abandonned fsx for a long time ago and RXP GNS was missing me ;) So thank you for your job guys (and configurator is very easy to use)
  4. i hope GTN will have ability to import user waypoint and user checklist (even if i know how to do it manually by modifying the CARD file)
  5. Thank you for your works to release it as soon as possible (but don't forget to keep some time for your families too ;)
  6. The (legacy) page says : "Discover Reality XP GNS 430W XP™ gps simulation, which is now compatilble with Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and Flight Simulator X" " "compatible with both FS9 and FSX". It's clear. Vendors don't have to list all incompatible softwares, only compatible ones.
  7. Perhaps he speaks about integration into 3D VC. As popup, i will works with all aircraft but have you got some contact with addon developpers for full 3D integration (like A2A or milviz for example). Or best, perhaps it will work in place of other GTN product (if you see what i mean ) for which such integration already exists. And the question can be the same for GNS. (Personally, i don't care because i use it on a second monitor so, as popup gauge)
  8. And realair has stopped their activities. so we have to deal with existing features. (but some companies have contacted them and showed interest to continue their works. So may be...)
  9. Hi, i see that GTN (750/650) for FSX/P3D is no more announced on the main page. Only GNS and G500f or these simulators. i have you got more information ? Regards.
  10. fsx-ms

    Thank you both of you for all your have done for the sim community. Enjoy each moment of your "new" life.
  11. You have an example for color on this (Collins_WXR-2100_Operators_Guide): See page 169
  12. Hi. I didn't have used my mindstar G1000 for a long time (personnal issue). Now, i could start re using Fsx and i wondered if the G1000 support turboprop now ? (like the Quest Kodiak) regards,
  13. Good news ! thanks for your work and long support in time
  14. I use the flight1 gtn (fsx version) on m android tab (note 10.1) by air display. it works fine.
  15. ALL databases yes (like for rxp GNS) legally with a lot of dollars. not legally i cant' say more The P3d version has required some complementary development compare to the fsx one. This can also explains the price. And remember, P3D is not licenced for home Entertainment. Pro licence are usually more expensive. Anyway, they have done a very good job with these GTN and the support is very good. the price is justified.