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  1. For such real 1:1 avionics, having to pay is not a issue. For units you will using for hundreds of hours, the price per flight hour is insignificant. But i' afraid than this kind of units will be blocked (or already are) to avoid concurrency to internal products, even if then don't have the same level of fidelity or even if they wouldn't be used IRL with a NXi.
  2. even if the way of expressing the criticisms is not always appropriate (but this is to be expected when making a product for a large public in game industry), I am sure that they take into account comments, even the negative ones , to improve the (always good) product, which is beneficial to everyone, So thx MS and Asobo AND peoples from community raising issue, missing features and doing so many good freeware/payware product around the sim (excluding thoses doing "easy money" products without customer respect)
  3. I doubt, they have problem to make just one product stable. it is not to make 2 versions. They don't have enough ressources for this (to make and to support after), Pro customers will not be happy with update like we have, it would be too dangerous for the brand image of the product. The only thing i can imagine in the future if money don't bring as much as actually is a migration to a "MSFS 365", with a annual subscription.
  4. I don't think so, this is one of the only rare things on which i believe Jorg, when he said this product is made for entertainment.
  5. does it have everything to be a good sim ? beautiful clouds, a lot of fps and a market ?
  6. She is the clouds of MSFS, he is the core sim
  7. when my PALH will be finish, you will have a lot of dock to spawn with your cub 😉 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/world-record-palh/433362/5?u=nirgal2776
  8. yes i could take off also. Easy with the A5.
  9. EDO (Pvt) ? (we can see it on SkyVector) But i already water landed on central park lake with the A5 😉
  10. No, they should not cut visual performance for lower PC but offering setting to lower quality for them and keep possibility to set high quality (so the same than before SU5, finally, the same quality than the very first release, the best for visual quality) for high end PC. But actually, the highest quality looks like middle quality of the first release. We don't care about comparing with others products, we compare the same product over time, that is what you should understand (but you would not).
  11. Perhaps they have started to apply some quality criterias for market products 😂
  12. Innovation for what i saw from..FSII to now, for most parts come from 3rd party dev, rarely from the plateform itself (i speak for MS franchise, on XP, guys are really try to innovate). From a simulation point of view and not from a eye candy point a view, i don't see lot of innovation making simulation experience enhanced, If we remove bing image and we compare P3D and MSFS during a "serious" flight, i'm not shure there will be more innovation than regression (yes, VR is an innovation ,only for FS franchise, the new flight model...it could give very good things in the future, i'm confident about it needs some works and dev need time to learn to use it). all the JS stuff are a progress compare to old xml way, i am more reserved about wasm (is it planned from the beginning or added after ? that looks like a wood leg added to fill a lack) and sandbox story. (edit : i really love the weather engine, that's the innovation of this version !) But i admit the product is young and we have to wait a little. i'm just a little bit disappointed for some points not really evolved and in the same time, we see new content. it is cool but why adding content on a plateform not totally stable (and doing so, adding some instability) ?. I have fun to use MSFS, really great fun, and just a few things could make it above all in quality, but i don't see these things coming, nor any will to do them, perhaps i have this feeling because all efforts are focused on the market, xbox and a very locked (to not say opaque) and controlled communication. And last, from a user point of view, the dev part seems to be going all over the place without a real project management strategy and with faulty quality control (even if it is getting better last months). Maybe because people in charge did not have, younger, the dream of aviation nor the skills in this very particular area (while their skills in video games are not to be called into question, on the contrary).
  13. Where are the innovation in the market ? i should missed them. You speak quantity when we ask for quality. You speak business when we talk about user's experience. (I know, i'm of an ancient world)
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