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Release notes:



Beta 6

New wake model tweak considers the real thickness and incidence of the foil, not just a 12% (sqrt 0.015) default as was there before.

Updated airfoils saved with more accurate data at high angles of attack.

New VR-ready manipulators & updated aircraft.

Latest ILS data, removes decommissioned ILS at Le-Havre.

Fix direct-to function on G430/530 to work like on the G1000.

Added support for pro users disabling the framerate and joystick checks at startup.

XPD-8351 Nose heavy flight model on 3rd Party aircraft.

XPD-8360, XPD-8403, XPD-8404 Renamed the aircraft size variables to be more descriptive and fixed the zoom class usage.

XPD-8362 Clicking on a “submenu item” closes the menu.

XPD-8381 B747 analog clock too slow.

XPD-8427 Adf1_relative_bearing_deg showing wrong numbers relative to aircraft.

XPD-8427 This fixes ADF relative bearing and ADF test mode.

XPD-8441 New art control (reno/draw_deer_birds) & reworked programing to place birds & deer randomly.

XPD-8454 Now lat/lon points from flightplans are treated the same as XPLMSetFMSEntryLatLon.

XPD-8457 King Air C90 not using fuel.

XPD-8460 Fix for aborted takeoff and ATC wrist slap with fast turbo props leaving KHKY.

XPD-8462 Crash moving aircraft far from pre-physics callback.

XPD-8472 G1000 GPS menu button crashes X-Plane.

XPD-8473 Restored notification about not being able to run at higher time speeds, and disabled the slow sim nag under those conditions.

XPD-8474 Fix for Chinese translation being broken in Airfoil Maker & Plane Maker.

XPD-8478 Do not do auto-start on push if AI is not driving.

XPD-8484 Fix for “Current Assignments” being empty.

XPD-8485 Weather vis does not take effect in air if only one cloud layer.

XPD-8487 Default Baron 58: Heat / icing works without power.

XPD-8488 Changing texture quality now warns you you’ll need to restart to apply the change.

XPD-8490 Now we have speed for the carrier app every time.

XPD-8494 Fix for cases where resizing a window did not trigger a repack.

XPD-8499 Fix missing DECALS in lib/g10/terrain polygons.




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Curious about this statement "New VR-ready manipulators & updated aircraft."

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Ground shakes are back with 6b. In this beta cycle ILS is not shown on map anymore.

Edit: ground textures off runways shake..

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11 hours ago, warbirds said:

Curious about this statement "New VR-ready manipulators & updated aircraft."


I am patiently waiting for VR implementation

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