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Today I got KLIT Little Rock and am a bit disappointed. It represents the airport status in 2014; i.e. the AFCAD is not current anymore. Rwy 36 has been closed in the meantime. This is not an issue, KORD from FSDT is much further away from the real thing than KLIT by JSD.
The buildings and the terminal look good, night lightning is OK, apron textures are OK, even if the apron looks a bit deserted. So far good value for the bargain.

But the installation is not for beginners. There is no v4 installer. The scenery needs to be pointed manually to any directory of your choice. The upgrade installer, which is needed for v4 compatibility misses to place the upgrade files into the existing scenery folder even if pointed to the correct original install location - it simply creates a new folder adjacent and upgrade files need to be copied manually.
The included installer to make use of SODE jetways misses the correct path in the ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE folder on his turn. Yes, files need to be copied manually.
All in all OK for the current offer, but not more.

I do like their Marseille LFML scenery more, however taxyway lights are very small and hardly recognizable even with glasses...


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16 hours ago, mdata said:

It represents the airport status in 2014;

Looks like it's a go for me  since the freeware that I'm using is from 2010. :smile:


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