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Thanks for the Replay feature!!!


Made a first short test and it is working good.


I also have a few first suggestions:


Would be good to have in the replay window itself the ability to choose the data visualisation (and recorded time)

Otherwise I have to open now two windows


Would be good to have also Altitude above ground also as Data to choose from.

Imagine you fly through the mountains and the valeys and want to seek for the lowest point of your flight where you have nearly hit the ground ;)


many thanks

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I'm a video content creator on youtube and I'd also like to add my suggestions for the future development of the replay system.

For me, these are the absolute essentials:

Starting and Stopping of the recorder without any restriction in length

- Saving the file for later use. Just replaying the last couple of seconds makes it impossible to include the take offs and inflight views in the videos.

- Displaying the timestamp in the sim (not just in the replay tool) during recording and replay so that it can be picked up by the screen recorder. It's nearly impossible to perfectly synchronize footage without it. 

- Independence of day/night/season and weather (it should be possible to change these for the replay)

- Selecting which values should be replayed. 


The following is nice to have but not essential. I'd still rate it as "very important" though.

- Recording and Replaying of Traffic 


The current glimpse of the replay system of Chase Plane is very promising and I can't wait to see it progressing in the future! 

Marcel Kade - Fangzahn Aviation Studios

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Not used P3D in a few months...

Does the CP replay feature support PMDG aircraft?

The standard P3D replay doesn't animate the control surfaces.

I hope the CP replay can somehow talk to the PMDG aircraft (via the SDK?) and record/replay the control surface positions

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New user to Chaseplane and absolutely in love with it. Love the replay feature as well, and know that’s it’s still early WIP. Having said that, in a future version, would it be possible to add the option of assigning buttons to replay features such as forward/rewind/play/pause etc? Thanks

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