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Muhammad Rafif Fauzan

Balance For FSX At Low-End

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Hello All AVSIM Folks.

First of all, i'm new to avsim

second, I've been reading all FSX tweaking forums like Word Not Allowed and avsim's tweaking guide. But i still don't understand much

I have a low-end laptop (HP Notebook 14) that has:

Intel i3-4030u 1.9ghz (2 PhyCores, 4 Thread)

Geforce Gt820m


500 gb of HDD


i just want to know what is the best setting for my fsx at my laptop to run it smoothly but only killing a bit of quality. I have PMDG 737,747v3,and T7 also Aerosoft Airbus X and Qw787 plus orbx global base and some sceneries

what i mean smooth is it can run at 20 fps with no much problems

i've little bit understand of fsx cfg and nvidia inspector, like highmemfix, ftff, etc

any suggestion would be appreciated


Thank You and Good Day


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1 hour ago, Muhammad Rafif Fauzan said:

Word Not Allowed and avsim's tweaking guide.

What's up with this?  Good thing our software censor program was working!!  Not a good way to start up your first discussion in the AVSIM Forums.  But, I understand you are frustrated.  Everyone gets frustrated when a software program does not work right. 

AVSIM tweaking guide?  We have one?  As you can rightly state, you have a very low-powered system and probably should not be trying to run FSX on it.  Only an i7 will work well with FSX IF you watch your settings.  It should run great though with default settings and default aircraft.  You are throwing some of the most fps intensive software addons available for FSX.  They will work well though but with very low settings.  That's not much entertainment and enjoyment of this hobby.

The AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide provides information regarding Nvidia Inspector settings, FTFF, and other tweaks.  The highmemfix=1 is required for FSX (boxed).  It is already included with FSX-SE.

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Wasn't sure if you were referring to ... Bojote Altuve's tweaks as well as the config guide which is linked in Jim's signature. Anyway WELCOME to AVSIM.

I believe that FSX Steam Edition pretty much does away with any "tweaks" . I don't know if you have that or the boxed FSX?

Whilst Mr. Altuve's first name is quite common in South American countries, it is unfortunately used as a profanity, in spite of, or perhaps because of, it being the name given to the Son of God in Christian religion. Not that I'm entering into a religious discussion as AVSIM doesn't do those. :cool:

We do wholesome aviation discussions. In fact, is that an F-5 I can see in your avatar photo?


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Interestingly, an i3 can run FSX. Especially with the gforce GPU. Cfg tweaks may not help, but reasonable settings (higher than you might think) within the game will help more. Payware may not work well. Remember, most of the tweak guides were originally developed for much less powerful computers than your laptop. But you're going to have to do a lot of testing. But that's part of the fun. (?)

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