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I have noticed that my Quality Wings Avro RJ70 navdata does not include certain UK navaids that are included in the PMDG 737 NGX database. Unfortunately, these are generally RNAV approach waypoints that are actually rather more important for my RJ70 flights than they are for the 737. An example would be ELROV on the approach to runway 27 at EGGD Bristol International. Can someone explain to me why these particular navigational aids are not included in the Quality Wings Avro RJ/BAe 146 database? Do I really have to start paying subscriptions to Navigraph to get these navaids added to the QW database, or is there an alternative solution? If I have to pay, is there a "one off" payment for a single update?

Why does the QW database not include these particular navaids?? :huh:

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In all probability, the waypoints/navaids in question were added after that database was created. Navigraph's subscription policies are here: Nothing is free - developers pay to distribute a particular cycle of the AIRAC data and consequently, those offered with any model I can think of are out of date to one degree or another.


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I dont have the RJ70.

Does it use a bespoke database?

Or an earlier Airac version #?

Or does it work based on default navdata?

Cheers K

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As you may have guessed from the OP's post, it uses Navigraph or Aerosoft navdata which is outdated in the release. It does not use the default FS data.


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6 hours ago, Christopher Low said:

Do I really have to start paying subscriptions to Navigraph to get these navaids added to the QW database

Yes. Apparently, as ubersu posted, the plane uses a Navigraph database. Addons that use Navigraph usually come with a cycle which is rather old so things will be missing compared to more up to date navdata cycles.

6 hours ago, Christopher Low said:

If I have to pay, is there a "one off" payment for a single update?

Yes. Well, sort of. It's some sort of work around but a legal and easy one. And my preference too.

1. Go to and get the Monthly subscription, so NOT the Annual one.

2. Do NOT download, install and use the Navigraph Data Manager!

3. Instead, go here and manually download ALL the navdata installers for each and every addon you own (or plan to buy in the future).

4. Cancel your Monthly subscription again (which btw will remain active for a month but it's better to cancel it before you forget it).

5. Manually install all the Navigraph files you downloaded. Usually the installer knows where the files need to go but sometimes you may have to point it to the correct folder. Now all your addons will use the same cycle and be on the same 'level'.

The great things is that the manual installers can be used even when you do not have a active subscription (which is why you should not use their Data Manager because that one does need a subscription). As long as you use the installers from ONE cycle ALL your addons will be on the same level and contain the same data even if you install them in a year or so.

I ONLY take a one month subscription whenever I buy a new addon that needs navdata. If I only need to do a reinstall of my PC I simply use the most recent cycle I downloaded in the past for all my addons: I don't care if the data is a bit outdated, I only want my addons to use the same database! There was a time when I was flying with a database that was and year and a half old but I couldn't care less because all addons were on the same level and things worked perfectly. Last month I bought the Majestic Q400 so I took a monthly subscription again, downloaded ALL the installers for ALL my addons that need navdata, installed them and now all my addons are using the 1712 cycle.

Take note though that having a Navigraph subscription isn't just about getting new cycles: you can also use their charts which can be quite nice if you are into that. I myself don't need them though: I get my charts free from the internet and I also don't use charts that often.

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