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flight lessons

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Hello All: I am looking for flight lessons or missions that will teach me the proper way to fly.

Fsx used to have a few. I have searched quite a bit now, and have not really found any programs or mission packs available that do this. I have Fspilot, but it does not teach me how to fly, it just tells me if I do something wrong.

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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I'm not sure how far they've come with lessons (I believe there are several), but you might take a look at Dovetail Games' Flight Sim World.  Interviewing them a few years ago, my friend Aimee and Stephen (two of the nicest people you'll ever get to know) DTG told me that their initial market / concept was to create a flight simulator that taught people how to fly (sim wise that is).  To be honest, I've been far too busy with P3D projects to really give Flight Sim World a try, however I've watched their videos and live streams from the office and I'm thinking that might be exactly what you're looking for. Graphically they've done great work as well!  I'm sure if I had to learn to fly in the sim that I'd be VERY interested in Flight Sim World.

I hope this will be of help to you. 

My very best wishes.






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Maybe check out FSFlyingSchool Pro for P3D. Haven't tried it but have always been curious about it. Seems like it does what you want.

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Not software -- but if I may slip in to plug mode:

At BAV we run a series of courses designed to, indeed, 'teach you how to fly' - from zero to, currently, a multi-engine instrument sort of standard, and eventually onward to jet and type rating style courses. You'll learn from real people, live and one-on-one, using shared cockpit technology. Many of our instructors are real-world flying instructors, airline pilots or current PPL holders. And it doesn't cost a penny.

We have a small brochure at https://www.bavirtual.co.uk/downloads/documents/flight_training_2018.pdf which you may wish to peruse (hopefully this is permitted).

Simon Kelsey



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I did the FSW ones, they're OK but pretty shallow I think.  You can learn lots from the free books the FAA puts out or even get used Jeppeson books that are real helpful to learn, then you can practice in P3D with your Fspilot.  That FSFlyingSchool looks cool but I didn't try it either so I can't say.

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Thank you Yes, I have fsflyingschool. I called it by the wrong name, sorry. It is okay, reminds you to check controls and such before flight, but in flight it just lets you cruise around illegally anyplace you wish, does not help with proper pattern entry for landing etc, which is what I was hoping to learn.

 Also it talks a lot when ATC is giving me landing instructions or traffic alerts and can be a real problem for this reason. If I had a mic connected, supposedly I can tell the instructor to be quiet. I am not complaining, it is very nice for what it does, but as I said earlier, I am looking for proper training.

 I will look into the free faa books, thank you.

 I am now looking at the BAVirtual website. It looks  inspiring.

 Thank you to everyone.






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