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Bug fixes

Beta 4

Beta 4 was focused on VR plugin SDK fixes.

Fixes for VR manipulators slipping.

Updated ILS data.

XPD-8536 Fixed X-Plane’s model of the anti-feathering pins.

XPD-8732 Fixed VR keyboard hide button.

XPD-8781 Fix for low fps on Linux.

XPD-9008 Fixes for Baron EGT.

XPD-9043 C172 – “Volts” warning not lighting up when bat is discharging.

XPD-9046, XPD-9052 XP11 style Windows Positioned into VR are missing window decorations.

XPD-9048 Cursor callbacks and custom cursors work in VR.

XPD-9049 Fix for self-decorated resizable SDK windows wrongly getting a close button.

XPD-9051 Setting an XPLMWindow to invisible in VR causes crash.

XPD-9058 Fixed stutters/weapon changes with F-4.

XPD-9061 Fixed broken annunciators/OBJ lit level.

XPD-9071 Mouse coordinates for click handlers in plugin VR window are off, especially after resizing.

XPD-9073 C172 autopilot texture digits scrambled.

XPD-9074 Fixed out of sync UBO due to false material sharing in Kingair.

XPD-9076 Fixed ATTR_diffuse_rgb not working.

XPD-9081 VRconfig.txt warnings with Zibo 737 need only 1 confirmation.

XPD-9089 Better VR keyboard positioning in non-holodeck.

XPD-9092 Baron 58 red gear in transit light not working.

XPD-9100 Fixed atc window going crazy when attached to mouse.

XPD-9102 Invisible plugin window blocks some VR controller functions.

XPD-9103 Fix for invisible windows getting tchotchkes created for them.


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I use X-Plane 11 (not Steam) with few modifications, only X-Raas, 737 ZIBO and a Baron 58 that I bought for X-Plane 10 Steam and works well on X-Plane 11.
I have been reporting several small bugs that I found in several aircraft, are being corrected, in beta 4 I verified that it is now possible to turn A / T off  in 747-400 but I do not see anything about it in bug fixes, but I'm happy, now I can turn on and off A / T.
I do not use VR but I noticed a graphical performance gain, using AMD hardware, FX8350 in conjunction with R9280.
Thinking seriously about making X-Plane 11 into main simulator, very satisfied with it.


João Alfredo

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