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I am much pleased to announce the release of the Damage Mod for Flight1’s BN-2 Islander.
This addon brings a wear and failure engine to the Islander “à la Accusim”, based on the flight manual of the real airplane and the DM concept created by Ismail Hakki Güzel.

The following systems will wear out and will be inflicted damage in case of improper use :
- engines
- generators
- propellers
- flaps
- flaps motor
- flight controls
- autopilot
- vacuum
- pitot tubes
- brakes
- structural deicing (the corresponding switch is added to the virtual cockpit)
- landing lights

Extra features :
- avionics dying if on when engine starts
- blown tires in case of hard landing
- foul spark plug if engine runs at low rpm and rich mixture for too long, (rpm drop during mag dead-cut test simulated)
- engine dies in case of quick throttle movement with fuel pump off
- sluggish engine response to throttle input with cold engines
- door lock and alarm

Please have a look at the instructions included in the package for more details.

Happy flights, and don’t forget to pay attention to the instruments!

PS: a typo slipped through the v1.0 installation instructions. It reads:


Should be:


Approval pending for the version v1.1 (with fixed instructions). So please stay tuned!

Download link:

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Thank you! I love the Islander and look forward to trying this mod.


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Hi Kekelekou,

thanks so much for doing this. If I remember right, you mentioned in another thread that the mod is only for 32 bit simulators, is that correct?



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Hello Peter,


this is correct (stated in the instructions IIRC). I gave a try at P3D a few years ago but my rig is really not up to the task, so I have stuck to FSXA. And I must say I did the Damage Mod mainly for my personal use.

So I don’t know how/if the F1 Islander copes with P3Dv4.

Regarding the DM itself:

Most of the gauges are plain XML that should work fine with P3Dv4. 

Three gauges written by Doug Dawson are used (fuel, sound and config). Their 64bit counterparts are available on Doug’s website. Renaming the 64bit files just line the 32bit ones and pasting them in the panel folder should do the trick.

I have no clue about how to convert my two C++ 32bit gauges (IMPThr and IMPPitch) at the moment. I’ll see what I can do about that.

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Hi Kekelekou,

the Islander works OK in P3D v4, except that click sounds are missing and the KLN unit does not work. I tried to install the Doug Dawson gauges to fix the sound, but I was unsuccessful. They do work in Manfred Jahn's DC-3, so I am not sure what I did wrong.

I will try to install your gauges later this week an report back.


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Hi Peter,

Good news! I am glad that the BN-2 wirks OK in P3Dv4 and I have just got the confirmation that I don’t need to install P3Dv4 to compile a 64bit gauge (the SDK is enough).

So when my 64bit gauges are ready (in a few days), would you mind testing them for me?



PS : I think that a KLN90 is being developed for P3Dv4 on FSDeveloper. You might want to have a look there.

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About Doug’s gauges: have you made sure that the new gauges’ names match the ones declared in the panel.cfg?

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