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Dear flight friends,
It has been a topic before but I am pretty new to helicopters in p3d v4.2 and I am looking for the most realistic combination of helicopter and HTR profile( hover control website). I tried a few combinations but find it difficult to choose a realistic one. I know the dodosim 206 does not work in p3dv4 and I own the Huey for DCS and also Xplane 11. These are awesome for helis but I am looking specifically for a P3d helicopter because I love that sim in VR right now.

Looking forward to your thoughts!!








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Forget it... sorry...

Dodosim would be the only option, IMHO, but AFAIK not ported to P3D yet...

If you have DCS, you have the best available implementations of the UH-1H and Mi-8 available ...

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I know, dcs is amazing but I have a lot of scenery for p3d that needs some exploring. I know there is no such thing as an equally good Huey or gazelle in p3d but I don't want a helicopter that is the best ever( that would be the Huey in dcs,,😉) but just a pretty realistic one. The best available in p3dv4.

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It's far from perfect, but I actually still use the HoverControl Bell 206 Jetranger III for FSX from the Hovercontrol site in P3Dv4.2.  Everything works with it in P3D, except the cockpit night lighting and exterior lights will be "dull", but you can still read the instruments at night and see enough to land it in the dark.  The float versions also work for water scenarios, but you have to apply the patch available to the float models or you'll sink like a brink when landing on water.  :laugh:  There is also a patch to (supposedly) make the flight model more realistic, but some people seem to still prefer the "default" flight dynamics modeling.  In either case, it still won't be anywhere near the DCS Huey flight model, etc.

It's good enough for helicopter sight-seeing in P3D.  There isn't much of anything else around yet worth paying for as a P3Dv4 helicopter yet.

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Thank you, I have tried your options. I miss the feel of handling a REAL helicopter in p3d. It is very easy to recover from nasty situations in p3d helis I think. Last night I flew upside down in Alaska with severe winds and ended up in a beautiful hover within seconds. I cannot manage that in DCS that's for sure. Does the dodosim come close to dcs and Xplane helis? I don't want to install fsx again only for the dodosim. I'll have to use flyinside for vr and that kept crashing randomly. It would be a step back from P3dv4......

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Hey guys so you have HTR working accurately in P3Dv4? I was trying it the other night with the ND MD500 and with no wind HTR had me crabbing wildly

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