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I thought I would share this.

I had been using Windows 7 on my flightsim computer and I had just updated P3Dv4.1 to 4.2 and was having some issues on scenery that was keeping P3D from starting up.  I uninstalled and re-installed the "Client" and "Scenery" while making sure that my anti-virus was turned off so I could be sure that it wasn't getting a corrupt install.

Afterward, P3Dv4.2 started up fine with the addon scenery off, so I started activating scenery little by little until it wouldn't start again. I got the Lorby addon-manager and re-installed some scenery outside the main P3D folder and letting Lorby install it correctly.  

I found that I had a lot of messed up scenery errors that Lorby corrected and I'm still in the process of fixing.

Anyway, I got the notion that maybe after being out for three years, Windows 10 Professional might be a good idea now. You know, bugs fixed and stuff. Anyway, I never liked it at all when it first came out. All that "Cortina" and annoying involuntary updates and stuff.

So, I went to the Microsoft's website and bought the latest download version of Windows 10 Professional.  I figured that it would completely mess up P3D and maybe even X-Plane11...and maybe everything, but I figured that if it did, I would take it to the shop and let them start again from scratch.

Well, lo-and-behold, Microsoft claimed to have a tool that will install the download version of Windows 10 Professional into your computer without touching any of the existing applications.

I tried it expecting the worse, but amazingly got the best.  My new Windows 10 Professional slid right under all of my programs including P3Dv4.2, and all are working perfectly as far as I can see.

I have even seen a noticeable improvement in the performance of P3Dv4.  It's working so smoothly I can hardly stop flying to do the things I need to be doing, like making living, working around the house, etc.

I guess I'm just amazed because I have always brought my computer to the shop when I wanted to change the OS and it was a major pain getting everything back running.  I guess we live in amazing times.

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Yeah prolly shouldn't have said anything.  :P

Keep your fire extinguisher close for a week or so now... :D

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7 hours ago, Buffy Foster said:

Yeah prolly shouldn't have said anything.  :P

Keep your fire extinguisher close for a week or so now... 😄

Yeah, I know.....hopefully not. 😥

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Sometimes, with major Window 10 updates, my FS2004 crashes, & a simple  right-click on the exe, setting compatibility to XP & Running as Admin sorts it all out.

Maybe this will work with newer sims as well, if they crash on updates.

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It seems to me that you have done what many of us had done two years ago when upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 when it was first suggested by Microsoft, except that - at that time - it was free of charge, and yes it was (for most) an uneventful transition.

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Hello Jean-Claude,

No, what I did this time was different.  I tried upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 back when it was free and I absolutely hated Windows 10.  To me it was awful.

After several months of using it, I removed it and went back to Windows 7.

This time the upgrade was completely painless. The Windows 10 installation didn't even change my options from Windows 7.  Nothing went to default options. 

For example, I had "Show hidden files and folders" and that was still selected when the Windows 10 was finished installing.

There is a very noticeable improvement in the performance of P3Dv4.2 with Windows 10.

I am very happy with the results, but I'm glad that I waited three years before installing it on my flightsim computer.  There has been a lot of bugs cleaned up and I find that Windows 10 is much more pleasant to work with now.  Microsoft has had a lot of user feedback on it.


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