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Yesterday I had a blockage on P2A that I have not seen before.  It said "CAUTION: Winds out of limits for Current Aircraft".  It was in red.

I only ever use Jetmax737, and was preparing to take off from EGKK. I could not connect with ATC.

What can I do to avoid that?  I use real weather (AS4) and it is identified by P2A.

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Posted (edited)

Yesterday at EGKK winds were generally sub 10 knots but there was a period in the late morning and early afternoon where things got quite breezy and stormy:

EGKK 291520Z 01010G25KT 340V100 9999 BKN010 OVC015 19/16 Q1014
EGKK 291450Z VRB09G20KT 9999 BKN010 FEW029CB 19/17 Q1014
EGKK 291120Z 36009G21KT 340V140 6000 BKN008 BKN013 17/16 Q1015 REDZ
EGKK 291050Z 01009G23KT 4000 DZ SCT007 BKN011 16/15 Q1015 REDZ

Based on the runway at Gatwick being approximately 260 and 080 degrees, you could exceeded the maximum allowable crosswind component at those times for takeoff (all 737s are capable of at least 33 kts demonstrated crosswind landing but this is based on steady wind and dry runway, the maximum gusting allowed I believe is 20 kts but could vary between operators).

I would suggest setting weather manually or using historic weather until you're airborne, which comes in below those aircraft limits.

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Thanks for that explanation.  The conditions have been unusual in the last week, so what you say makes sense.  I am impressed that the programmes I use are that realistic.

Your tip for take off is a good one. Thanks again.

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On  the main P2A Setup tab in Config window, there are 2 settings you can increase to allow for higher Crosswind / Tailwind components.  This is what P2A uses to determine if winds are out of limits and so may not be set correctly for your aircraft by default.


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