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Excuse to post screenshot. RPMs and Oil consumption questions.

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This forum has seemed pretty slow recently, so I thought I'd bump it after a flight... with some observations.


This if Ansett-ANA flight 253, 1957 service from Adelaide to Sydney. The PMDG DC-6A/B have been languishing in the back of my virtual hangar, in part because of spiking controls with my Logitech(Saitek) Throttle Quadrant. Those issues have been resolved now,  and I just completed a very enjoyable flight.


This shot taken approaching the Mount Gambier VOR (MTG) for a southerly detour around the continent.

Because I'm a "run the tanks dry" pilot, all 4 engines at some point experienced a power failure as they depleted all fuel in the respective AUX tank. On descent, I successfully reduced RPM from cruise to 2000, but I was unable to rev up to approach RPM of 2400 as I neared Sydney. After several attempts, and observing the Master Control Lever moving in the VC (and with positive torque applied to the engines) I was only able to regain control after moving the synchronization switch to the OFF (middle) position, then back to one of the engines, and pressing the resynchronization button. The engines surged as the propellers quickly returned to the commanded lever position... I don't know exactly what happened, but I suspect that my starvation events may have caused some problem with the prop sync coding. I also observed the inability to exit reverse thrust after slowing below 60kts on landing. Some repeated reverse bar and CTRL+F4 gave me forward thrust again.

I'm not sure what the cause of these events were, but the experience will motivate me to fly my Cloudmaster more!

My sim is FSX:Acceleration (Boxed) in Windows10(64 Bit), using ActiveSky Next for weather.

Also, is anybody burning a substantial amount of oil on longer flights? I've done LAX-CLE before and never needed to use oil in the auxiliary tank. This last flight was 3 hours long, and each engine burned under 10 gallons...

Have fun out there!


Robert Toten

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Posted (edited)

Hi! Lovely screenshot!

I once flew KSNA-KMDW-CYYT-EGPK-LSZH with the Balair livery. I topped up my engine-oiltanks at CYYT before crossing the pond, and I never had to use the oil out of the AUX-tank. But my engines were still quite new. Maybe if the engines have run for some more hours, the oil consumption might actually rise and you are going to need the oil out of the AUX-tank. Don't know if this is modelled though, as I've never observed this. And on some occasions I was forced to automatically refill all the oil-tanks by creating a new Scenario, because my saved-flight was corrupted. But I think that I'm going to make me a list, where I can write in the oil-consumption per hour per engine, so I'm able to find out if the oil-consumption rises with the rising number of hours on an engine. What I really like about the PMDG DC-6 is, that every engine burns or loses a different amount of oil, even though when all four are brand-new!

I'm planning to do a second ferry-flight, this time with OH-KDA (Kar Air livery) and out of PAFA with some more stops and shorter legs to LSZH.

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