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  1. I would like them to bring the Connie to MSFS or a brand new Captain of the Ship aircraft.
  2. This is available now, would like to see it in the PMDG DC-6 or upcoming Pilot's Dash 7. https://msfsaddons.com/2023/05/29/the-return-of-a-classic-bendix-king-kln90b-gps-now-available-for-msfs-aircraft-developers/
  3. I checked this after the patch released yesterday and the approach is now drawn correctly although you have to enter PS966 manually as it's not there for some reason. I didn't have time to fly it though, but will give it a go later. I bought this scenery last week after you posted this 🙂
  4. Yesterday evening Pilot's released their MSFS version of the Boeing B-314 clipper. I didn't have this for P3D but picked it up for MSFS last night when I saw their facebook release post. Only had a brief look so far but my aim is to have a go at celestial navigation on a San Francisco to Hawaii flight! Think that might be a couple of months off though! Anyone else planning on getting this? I am also interested in their Dash 7 which is going to be the next release.
  5. Looks good, remember using one of these made by SimAvionics in the Just Flight BN-2 Islander in FSX and enjoyed it. Would like to see this or something similar in the upcoming Pilot's Dash 7 and also be great with PMDG DC-6.
  6. I used Track IR with FSX for a few years and really liked it. I have had Tobii for a few months now with MSFS and really love it. Once you have it set up you forget it's there and just look around and the view moves!
  7. FlyingFabio previewed it a few days ago. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1657414489 at about 9 mins 45 seconds someone asks about release day, he says hopefully by the end of the year but possibly early 2023.
  8. There was a thread on here where a guy did them for the pmdg 737 on fsx nearly 10 years ago, they were great fun! It's a shame you can't share those as they are fantastic, but its understandable!
  9. Hello Brian, I just checked in my Orbx Aus V2 and it has bridges in that area. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Tm2Erto-iQe9q5rqdd6SylO2zBztlqx/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Gary
  10. I use button control and at 1500ft I use the pitch wheel to reduce pitch as described in the pdf training notes on the maddog website, this enables me to speed up to get FO to move on to flaps up stage. "Reaching the desired height for noise abatement (e.g. 3000ft), accelerate towards FLAP/SLAT retract speed by selecting half of the current climb rate (VERT SPD) via the pitch wheel on the FGCP. Once acceleration process is complete continue climb-out with IAS/MACH, EPR LIM or VNAV." Obviously there is still some minor input from yourself but it works well with button control.
  11. Really enjoyed reading this, what a great trip!
  12. I always enjoy reading your posts Carl, your DC-6 stories inspire me! I just did PAWD-PANC in my everts colours in VR, was short but very nice. I've had the oculus rift for almost a year but don't use it that often (still mostly fly with monitor) and I forget how good it is until I put it back on, those Alaskan mountains look amazing! I only recently bought the PMDG 744 too and did my first VR take off tonight, again out of PANC 7R, I was surprised how well my system handled the 744, VR, Orbx and Aerosoft PANC, good times for us simmers at the moment! Need to pick up the 747-8 next but back to the DC-6 and VOR navigation first! Homer to Yakutat I think..
  13. Yeah I am interested to know this too, thought I read the 744,777 and 737 will get it but did not see the DC-6 mentioned? Would like to see it implemented.
  14. No need to apologise, thanks for the update and looking forward to your tutorial!
  15. Thanks for the heads up, will be getting this one.
  16. @KORDATC - just wondering if the tutorial is completed? I would love to be able to use it! I did not have the original maddog, is there anywhere I can get the original tutorial included with that version?
  17. Thanks Carl, I am going to try that DME arc approach into PAYA, not sure how smooth the arc will be though! I am doing most of my flights without the GPS now and really enjoying it! Thanks for the information Alex. The 1.10 patch for Anchorage is available now with the extended runway and hopefully has sorted Dan's other concerns too. Just downloading now..
  18. Hi Alex, I have watched your video a few times and have been trying to wean myself off the AFE and using the power settings from the charts. Just made a lovely flight from Anchorage to Yakutat, flew using victor airways on VLOC all the way and then made a GPS approach into PAYA runway 11 but flew it manually. Made a good landing and speeds were good, was pretty pleased with myself! Have 50+ hours in the DC-6 now and watching your video has helped me with my landings, quite happy if you make some more! Out of interest, what was was the gross weight on that video, did the aeroplane have no payload? I love the DC-6. Back on topic, I am enjoying the PANC scenery, and I hope they sort out the problems Dan has highlighted, and then I hope ORBX make a region for the rest of Alaska :-)
  19. Enjoyed watching this, better approach than mine are, but not surprising from one of the developers!! :-) Just bought the P3D V4 of PANC a few days ago and enjoying it!
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