How to get back default textures in Prepar3D v4?

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All these 3rd party texture programs are really putting a spin on my head right now. I have Rex Texture Direct with Soft Clouds, ENVTEX, ASCA and now Rex Skyforce. I know when you installed these programs they initially will backup your textures, but having so many, I'm not even sure the textures that I have backedup are even the original ones that came with my initial P3D install. Just to be sure, does anyone know how I can get back the original sky/cloud/water/light textures without having to reinstall P3D from scratch?

Sigh, having so many overlap with these 3rd party apps is very stressful and annoying. 

Then there's PTA and now the announcement for Rex Environmentforce which could be another potential overlap.

Sorry, but I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. Having taking a break from flight simming for the past 6-7 months and coming back to having to update everything and see what's new so that I can be up to date on things again.

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Last time I installed P3D, and before installing anything else, I copied  the entire folder to a backup drive. If now for some reason I need the original files, I just go and get them from the backup drive.


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Mostly these texture Add on's will modify default files in the following folders,   ShadersHLSL,  Textures,   Effects\Textures,  Scenery\World\Texture,  Scenery\Global\Texture,  Sound, Weather

Some of these Add On's do offer an uninstall process which will return these files to default again some don't.

Willy does have the right Idea,  To create a complete copy of your Prepar3D Install folder and then you can replace the texture folder and so on as required

Failing that you could repair the components they fall into these categories

1)  Client:   ShadersHLSL

2) Content: Textures,  Effects\Textures,  Sound, Weather

3) Scenery:  Scenery\World\Texture,  Scenery\Global\Texture

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Posted (edited)

This is how i do it, just go to conrol panel uninstall point to repair (Scenery and or Content) and it start the repair. P3D store its backup. At C:\ProgramData\Package Cache. (Windows 10) that is why you dont deleted it. Also it may ask for disk. But that it, hope it works. JB

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Thanks all. I think the next time that I have to reinstall a clean copy of P3D all over again, I will 1st make an entire back up of my P3D install folder just like how some of you have mentioned. I guess you learn as you go a long, sigh.

Can't really trust 3rd party add-ons, you never know what files they can modify. Developers really need to follow the rules when it comes to having add-ons install with the proper method. It's improving but still a mess when those developers just ignore it and just do things the way they want to.

Thanks Elaine for the info.

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