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CRJ1000 over Biscay

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That's the Virtualcol version of the CRJ in P3D V4. It's not as flashy as the Aerosoft version (which I also have), but like all the Virtualcol models, it gets good FPS and is quick to set up for a flight as it loads an FS flight plan straight into the FMC with no effort. It also has an auto throttle, which the Aerosoft one does not, since it's not standard on the real thing, but there actually is an after-market auto throttle kit for the CRJ available from Safe Flight, although it's not that common to see it on them, so that's not as unrealistic as it might appear at first, if perhaps a bit of a stretch for some liveries.

Was messing about on a SAS CRJ1000 the other day at EGCC, sticking a couple of bags in the rear hold, they're sort of cute looking when you see em up close, very small, but the rear hold is actually the full height of the cabin, so it's quite roomy in there despite the aeroplane itself being pretty dinky in size with me having to clamber off a conveyor parked under the engine nacelles through the small cargo door to get in there.

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