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Help with weather related CTD

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I have noticed when I fly across long bodies of water and have ASN on there is a CTD at some point which can be very frustrating when I’m trying to cross the pond. If I don’t use ASN I have no CTD over the water. Any ideas?

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That's curious! I use ASN and have flown across the pond many times without any issues.

Do you get any error message?


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Like Bill I can't remember ever having a CTD crossing the pond with ASN even with PMDG aircraft. It would be helpful if you could describe in more detail when the CTDs occur and your system specs:

CTDs on every transoceanic flight?
Only when flying transoceanic? 
What about on long flights (5+ hours) over land?
Which aircraft?
What are your ASN settings (cloud coverage distance, number of cloud layers)?
What are your system specs (processor, speed, overclock?, RAM, GPU, VRAM)?
Are your FSX settings in the High, Medium or Low range?

Also, lots of CTDs are related to VAS. Do you monitor VAS usage during your flights? If not you can ask here for pointers to utilities that will enable you to do this so you can know when free VAS is reaching critically low levels.

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