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UTL Jetways

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Hi all

I just got UTL, and wow, i missed a little fuller airports, lovely ^^.

However, I noticed that all jetways (FSX once at least) move.

I know that is due to exits being in the cfg etc etc. but is there a way to fix that? I don't see an option like there was with UT2.



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1 hour ago, Victoroos said:

it takes quite a few fps yes 🙂

but you can manage that by adjusting spawning / fps culling ...... and if at a sode airport, excluding jetway animation for AI

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Agreed. It’s annoying. Why would I want ai all initiating the stock jetways at the same time causing an fps hit? The previous feature of ut2 was very handy. 

As for culling or reducing ai as a fix, well that just seems ridiculous and counter productive.

anyway, this tool may help.


bottom of page, ai tweaker


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thanks glenn ..... more than interesting (hope it helps with UTL)

Oliver is becoming if not already a legend in "simming"

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ooh, thanks for the Lorby tool. Yeah, he is really great. I'll look into it.

Thanks to both of you for the replies! ^^

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