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I have many add on sceneries and have spent lots of time creating my own ai, so you get the picture. I have everything all working pretty well. and have not updated for a while. I am always afraid of disturbing my setup with updates so naturally I am fearing this one. I have now read that some upcoming sceneries are only going to be made for 4.4 so does that mean that sceneries won't work with 4.3 anymore and if there is an update to an existing scenery does that mean I have to update to 4.4.? I really don't want to update again because I don't care about the PBR thing and I am pretty sure this new technology will kill my framerates. So what are most 4.3 people doing? are you waiting for add ons to be compatible and then update or are you biting the bullet and just doing a complete reinstall of everything (again)😉


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I may be wrong as I am a newbie myself with P3D

My belief is that, if you elect to stay with P3Dv4.3 and you continue to use the scenery already purchased and/or installed you will not have any problems because there are no changes to your system. I also believe that if you purchase new 4.4 compatible scenery you may or may not have some problems ... I think in most cases you wont, but then again you will not be getting the new benefits. I think that the same applies if you get and install P3Dv4.4, most, if not all, sceneries and aircraft will continue to work but without the upgraded benefits. I dont think there has been any official clarification on this so we may all have to wait and see. You have stated that you do not really want to update at this time so you have plenty of time (as all of us do) to just wait and see what is going to happen before you take any decisive action.

Personally, I am going to do a complete uninstall of v4.3 and install the new 4.4 but I am going to wait for the dust to settle first. 

For absolutely certain, someone in the know will give us all a definitive answer shortly.




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Not really a question of knowing the answers. there is no one size fits all answer. There are too many variables to be certain. For some, the new sceneries may not work for others they will.  Just check with the dev of YOUR particular product for specifics.


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2 hours ago, bosflo said:

I have many add on sceneries and have spent lots of time creating my own ai, so you get the picture.

Just run the Client Only update, that will not change your custom AI.  There is much more to V4.4 than just PBR and I'm not aware of any FPS reduction because of PBR, just the opposite.  Just be aware of the few products currently not compatible with V4.4 (it's a pretty short list as the majority do work with V4.4).

Cheers, Rob.

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