750 and 650 Sync?

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I have installed both the 750 and 650 GTNs and I like them. Still trying to get RNAV to work but that is pilot error. 🙂

My question is I have to load the flight plan into the 750 and 650 separately. Is there a way to have the two sync up where if I change one, it changes the other?

Also, if I am using both, the plane will follow the GTN that is designated “Master” correct?




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You're looking for "cross fill" function. We do have this function in our GNS V2 but not in our GTN for now.

In the meantime, you might want to use the flight plan import capability, which consists in creating the file plan with a planning application and then to import it in each GTN.

You are correct for the 'Master Device', and more generally: anytime there is a single aircraft resource shared among 2 GPS, the master controls it. Say you configure 2 GTN to be on the pilot side instead of pilot+copilot side, since there is only 1 HSI on the side, only the 'master' drives the HSI. This works like this for all the instruments you can connect to ("Instruments" settings group).

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Thanks for following up. I love the import feature. I sometimes adjust the approach mid flight and that is where I have to adjust both.

You mentioned GNS V2 is that another project or a future update? Sorry I don’t catch all of the forums.


Thanks again 

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