Fsx screen goes total blurred

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When I use high profile aircrafts like pmdg 777 or Carenado s50 etc the fsx screen goes to totally blurry ( all aircraft and sceneray mix up and can't see anything.. but sound is good and normal). Only way is to quit from the session. This issue happening only when i returns to fsx main screen after I opens anything from the menu like map, weather, or flight review.

My lap having 8 gb ram and 2 gb graphics memmory, intel core i5 64bit

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You may be asking too much of your system. What speed is your i5? and what graphic settings are you using from within the sim?


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Speed of processor 2.5 ghz

Target frame rate : 24

Resolution : 1366x768x32

Filtering: Anisotropic (Antialiasing)

Global texture res: High

Lens flare, Light bloom, Advanced animations enable

Level of detail radius : Medium

Mesh complexity: 74

Mesh resolution: 5m

Texture res:15cm

Scenery complexity: Very dense

Autogen density: Very dense

Special effects: High

Clouds: Medium

This is the configuration. Whenever I opens any menu items during flight and returns, the total screen is tearing. Something like all mixed up (aircraft and scenery together) if inside cockpit, can't see any cockpit switches..



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First, try making these changes in FSX.

Lens flare, Light bloom, Advanced animations DISABLE

Level of detail radius : LOW

Scenery complexity: NORMAL

Autogen density: SPARSE

Special effects: LOW

Also reduce all AI traffic to 0%.  See if FSX runs better.  If you are still getting serious graphics errors, it could be the video card or its driver.

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Welcome to the forum(s). As above, you're probably (surely?) going to have to turn the graphics settings down. The root of the problem is that the CPU is just too slow to allow for using  high graphics settings when combined with a very complex aircraft like the PMDG 777. Are you using a laptop? If so there is probably no separate video card and that's throwing even more load on the CPU. What happens when you try the same settings with the default C172?.........Doug

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Hi Thank you all..

Today I checked my graphics card driver.. (AMD Radeon HD 7600m) found the Amd catalyst control center not working (some host stop error appears). I tried all the way to rectify it but nothing works. Now I will re-install OS and FSX and try again...

Can you please suggest me the configuration of laptop to run FSX with PMDG 777 & 747v2 smoothly.


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