Early Morning Moves, SFO

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Early Morning Moves, SFO...with a little rain.
Darkness into Light!











Thanks for viewing, Darryl

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Phoenix and SFO were my home base airports when I was a road warrior and business systems instructor.  I love both airports but especially love the layout of SFO because of Bart into the airport, the airport train system to their car rental and terminals, and that you can do circuits around all the terminals.  Plus they have a wonderful aviation museum there and a good docent who I have spoken with during my last visit there in 2013.  I last flew out of their in 2009, our flight home on Southwest had a bad weather delay, but SFO was always a good airport to be delayed in with their wonderful Frisco sourdough bread! 

My wife and I just patiently waited out the hours long delay for our flight home to Phoenix, sadly we were there to put my Mom to rest per her final wishes.  She lived in Phoenix but wanted to be buried next to my father, so as executor of the estate we had to fly her from Phoenix to SFO on Delta via Atlanta, a crazy routing.  But I was driven to see her wishes come true,

I was the only one in the family who knew about her will and my parent's final wishes, I was the only one she and my father trusted with financial matters because my father taught me from a small boy, then I became an accountant, Casino Controller at Harrah's Tahoe, and later a business systems instructor for Harrah's parent company BASS, which later sold them to Caesars.  Being a small works Caesars later became my client when I worked for JDA software which made their revenue management system.  My wife and I later were given a free trip to Caesar's Vegas, sponsored by them.  When I worked for Harrah's, Caesar's then our competitor let me study their accounting system in what we called "Best Practices" among competitors. 

I did the same for Harvey's where I saw the rock band Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds and chatted with them after their free concert there in late '91.  I later worked for the IRS in their tip compliance program and together we wrote the laws that now cover tipped food and beverage workers.  My boss said I would become loved by the tipped workers and it was true.  The IRS wanted to take a flat 15 pct estimate of their income.  That was before we had computer storage of receipts.  As Controller I went to our "Oliver North" Microfilm room (We actually had "Oliver North Room" on the door because our shredder was in there, lol). 

The IRS wanted me to send them a year's worth of room charge, cash and credit cards receipts.  I argued with the leeches that it was impossible, and finally forced them to agree to a three day, twelve month sampling of one year.  I proved to them that tip percentages were based on the type of restaurants and customers.  For instance Seniors on bus trips only tipped 3 to 5 pct at the free buffets they received, since they gambled anyway and gave their money to the one armed bandits.  In the mid tier restaurants I proved tips were 10 to 15 pct, and in the high tier restaurants I proved tips were 20 to 30 pct.  The high tier restaurants were upset with me but they made much more money than I did as their boss, and they had to pay their fair share. 

So I became on the IRS's good list along with our middle tier and buffet employees, and all of our bartenders.  Yes it is bragging but I saved them a lot of money--it was my job not to be their boss, but their coach and friend.  Later the top cheff of our high tier restaurant and I met when I moved back to Napa to become a biz systems instructor.  Harrah's food and bev manager tried to hire me the year before I went to work there as an "efficiency expert" but I refused when he said I would be required to drink on the job to get info from the employees.  He was stunned when I became his boss, he went to work at Harrah's prior to my coming there and just gave me a blank stare.  I left Harrah's in the end because I hated working for casinos--they are simply thieves and rig the odds against the customer with their electronic systems, and get away with it. 

There is no such thing as a true random  number generator even if you seed it, I learned that creating my freeware program Spirapaint on the Internet.  That is why I stick to helping with the sim community and designing free websites in my retirement.  I'd rather give my time and effort for free, even to payware vendors in our hobby, to help them live long and prosper.

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