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Hello Experts

I have new installation with P3D v4.4 and several scenery and aircraft added.

The parking brakes are not working with the default aircrafts and the addon aircrafts already installed.

The keyboard function to apply the parking break are the ctrl + . key and I also programmed a switch on my SAITEK Rhino yoke.  

If I change to my installed FSX the parking brake works well with SAITEK Rhino and Thrustmaster. 

The problem is not releated to the SAITEK driver. I also changed to my Thrustmaster and there I have exactly the same problem with P3D v4.4

Beside the parking break all other axes and keys works well with the P3D v4.4

Need help.

Thanks and regards Roger 

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With the keyboard command, will the parking brake come on and then switch off right away?

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No, I wrote it above. The parking brake does not come with the keyboard ctrl+. and also not with a programmed switch on the yoke.


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Do you have pedals?
It may be that your pedals are even slightly off neutral they will keep the parking brake from engaging.
Also read that there is a setting that will isolate the pedals from the parking brake system.
Worth a try..


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Sorry, I don't have pedals in use juet SAITEK Rhino Stick and Throttle.

Anyway I will try to add this line into the aircraf.cfg.

Anyway I don't think this will solve the trouble. I have this non working parking brakes problem with all installed aicrafts default and addons.

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Have you looked in the controls and key commands in P3D and checked the parking brake action hasn’t been deleted?

 CTRL + period should always work.

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Also, check your control axis assignments for every listed controller and make sure you don't have an axis on a joystick or game controller unintentionally assigned to the brakes.  Sometime the sim will automatically assign axes when it finds a controller, and these "phantom" axis inputs can do this--in this case, if there's a phantom axis making a brake input, then you won't be able to set the parking brake, because it is released when a brake input is made.


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