FPS Testing- Recommend OSD/Benchmark tools for testing?

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Hi guys,

Getting ready to install a 1080Ti in my setup tonight, and figured prior to doing that I should do a little benchmark/FPS testing.  I've seen through the forums some various OSD's that people use when comparing.  Anyone have any recommendations?  I don't have OrbX installed yet, just your pretty basic PMDG 737 with Q8Pilot's display settings.  Was thinking I'd do a little testing with my old vs. new as I know it will be better, but maybe helpful to others who have the same situation.



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The best and most demanding benchmark tool is P3D itself.

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Set your aircraft up at the most demanding location. For me it’s above Terminal 5 at London Heathrow pointing east.

That view takes in the whole airport - Aerosoft Heathrow Xtreme - plus the city of London in the distance. Set Ai to 0%, take a reading, then set it to 100% and take another reading.

Change P3D settings to give you a good balance between fps and performance. Aim for no less than 20fps.

That way you’ll get good performance everywhere.


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Thanks Gents.  Got the card installed, and now re-installing all of my AI traffic after deleting shades and the .cfg file.  I'll give her a whirl 

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Smoothness, fluidity and responsiveness are the factors to gauge.  As already noted set you location to a demanding one like KSFO.  Tune your traffic sliders.  Can you control the landing?  Does it feel good?  Is taxiing smooth?  Is air and ground traffic smooth?  If all of these are on target with an FPS of 1 then you are good to go.



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19 minutes ago, bean_sprout said:

 If all of these are on target with an FPS of 1 then you are good to go.

That is either a typo or you’re having a laugh. 1fps? Seriously? 🤨

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