AVSIM Prepar3D Guide. Up to date? Y/N

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Finally in the next several months I will construct a new build and at that time finally transition to P3D.  Looking through the help elements available here I obviously see the AVSIM Prepar3D Guide.  The datestamp on it appears to be June 2017, which would easily pre-date some prime releases.  Is the version 1.01 which is nearing two years old still the current guide?  Should it not be updated?

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Indeed, an update is overdue. Unfortunately, the main author of the above mentioned guide has left AVSIM. But I think that I've read somewhere that a new version is under construction.

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It is not up-to-date and it was written for much earlier versions of P3D.  I intend to remove it until it has been updated.  Meanwhile I would recommend one read the AVSIM Tips and Tricks Forum for some updated information and this forum as you can learn a lot just reading the various threads when a new update is released.  I would like to have something like the AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide where we posted basic settings and provided some guidance on each setting.  P3DV4 is a new animal in that it is 64-bit so the sliders can go almost as high as you want depending on your system specs and number of other add-ons loading in the background.  Currently the best tweak for P3DV4 is turning off hyperthreading as we are now in the 21st Century. 

I am currently updating the AVSIM CTD Guide to update the links and expand explanation of some information that some have found confusing.  I would like to remove all of the probably causes for crashes and instead set up individual forums for each within the AVSIM CTD Forums.  This way you can look for the faulting module(s) and then go to the appropriate subforum and review all of the threads posted for that particular error.  I think I might also add a pinned topic for some of the common solutions found by others for that particular crash/freeze.  The guide will still be valuable as it provides a multitude of information and links that can possible fix Windows issues too.

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