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Hi there,

So I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm curious in the experience that people have that VrInsights hardware, because their Boeing MCP looks word not allowed good and I'm thinking of buying it.

But since it's 500$ it's not just a purchase I wanna make without any tips/help.

I had their Multi Switch Panel, but after many headaches I returned it. But on the Linda forums here they told me that that one is pretty old and could cause some problem. But what about the "new" Boeing MCP? Is it any good?

The ones I'm looking at :

Which one do you guy's prefer?


PS: Problems that I had with the switch panel were: Missing LED's, Rotary knobs not working and going from heading 360 to 180 took 20+ turns, coudn't program anything else than the PMDG planes(Not the Aerosoft's Airbus and CRJ, Qualitywings, TFDI 717)


Thanks for reading in advance!




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I have had the boeing  mcp2 for many years i have never had any issues until now and its worked great over the years,  now it only sometimes detects i think its an issue with the hardware though but i can get around it most times , i would recommend it but just dont expect any kind of software support from the service team as they are useless in my dealings at least



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The aerosoft mcp looks more realistic but i have never used,  i like the vrinsight as its more generic and can use it with lots of planes via free linda software

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I've had the Boeing MCP2 for about 7 years and it has worked well for me. Make sure you brows the LINDA forums to see if your addon is supported.


I also has the FMC they sell. It's nice and if you crave the feeling of the MCP it's good, BUT it's actually a little monitor so expect reduced frames...

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Posted (edited)

VRI Boeing MCP2 here for a couple of years with no problems.
It is really the free LINDA software that makes it so versatile.


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I have a MCP combo, it us great!

Together with touchscreen overhead and Ipad Fmc from flightsimapps.

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I've never had complete trust in those displays. They always seem to me like they'll only last 6 months.  I have absolutely nothing to base that on.  But that is why I have never committed to one of these units, even though I wanted to over the years. I settled for a CPFlight MCP instead.

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