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Products for P3D Many Questions

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                             Im new to this forum, I don't know if this the correct for some questions and doubts I have for some products available out there.

I would like your opinion or reviews on certain products and need help to decide which fits best for me. here it goes:


1 - QW 787 seen videos ect  looks great...but my question is : Has anyone bought this a/c and has anyone have any issues purchasing the product thru flight1 and is it safe and secure since they use a wrapper/purchase agent

which I never heard of before or used.....??

2 - same as for Latin vfr scenery MIA and TJSJ they both look great. Any issues buying them straight from their website?? are they safe and secure??

3- also any good weather engines/programs available

I ask this questions because I have never purchase add-ons. Like I said, Im new at this and need some guidance from those who have expierence and knowledge.

thanx for any help/suggestions/info/guidance on this 

very appreciated

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1) Don't have the QW 787 but FlightOne has been around forever and while the whole wrapper thing is clunky and annoying they are a reputable software add-on source.  They also have a newish way to download and update software.  See the site.

2) I do have both Latin VFR's KMIA and TJSJ and they are both good.

3) For a weather engine you can't beat Active Sky from HiFi Simulations. Had it for years and it is under constant development. Responsible developer.

Question for you though.  What prompts the paranoia? All of the above are experienced developer/publishers in the FS world.

Welcome to this addictive hobby/sim.



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Flight1 is safe and secure.  Don’t think twice about it.  Best weather program in the business is HiFi Active Sky.

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Welcome to the forum. One thing to do on topics like this is to learn to search on your keyword. There were several threads on the release of the 787, etc. where you'll get much more info that the one or two posts in this thread.


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