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  1. What a bunch of cunning linguists.
  2. You can install P3Dv5 anywhere you like. It will default to C:\ but you can change that at the beginning of the install. There's a little check box for "Options". Check that and you can browse to wherever. https://prepar3d.com/system-requirements/
  3. https://prepar3d.com/system-requirements/
  4. Thanks Simbol for the free update. Just automatically updated from my already installed version. C
  5. "Hey kid, You should have seen the Atlantic 30 years ago. That was an ocean." --Lou Pascal (Burt Lancaster in Atlantic City)
  6. Military AI Works (MAIW) is indeed fantastic but the P3Dv5 version is not ready yet. It is however, currently being worked on.
  7. Why not open a support ticket with HiFi -the developers. They're very good.
  8. Absolutely beautiful shot. But, it would be nice to know some information, ie., sim, weather, various add-ons, etc.🙂 Clayton
  9. Psybear

    FSDT Forum

    Can anyone access the FSDT Forum? Website is up but can't seem to get the forum to load. Clayton
  10. Agree with Vic. On close inspection many (not all) of the complaints come with complicated setups, large screens, overloaded or just poorly maintained or over maintained systems. Read grape-vine hacks here. Complaining about everything is a sport around here. Now some things definitely need another hot fix and understand that TrueSky is a baby beta in 5. But your system should be fine. Enjoy, Clayton
  11. ActiveSky P3D (ASP3D) beta 2 released (build 7434) Hope the registration issues have been simplified. C
  12. Yes. Orbx and others..FSDreamteam, Flightbeam, Aerosoft Updater also support dual install. Just watch the storage space...it will get eaten up. C
  13. I've experimented with v5 and overall it appears to work...until you start to take a closer look. Main initial drawback for me is that AIG can't work with it yet. "AIM for P3Dv5 will not be released before the fx_landing.fx has been fixed by LM. We have currently no timeframe for that." And of course Active Sly. So, I think we might be seeing several hotfixes. C
  14. Try refreshing the page. That has worked for me.
  15. The latest update for SuperTrafficBoard is available now from the website. STB Official Update
  16. AIG-OCI from Alpha India Group. No contest.
  17. If it is anything like TF for P3D it's full of smoke and mirrors and a waste of time and money. Developers replaced by PR smarmers.
  18. My go to mesh is TopoSim. The developer has been doing mesh for sims for years and tears. Great support...great software. Recommend. C
  19. On an ancillary note getting rid of nvdisplay.container.exe helped quite a bit with load times. https://www.ghacks.net/2019/04/29/nvdisplay-container-exe-causing-high-cpu-load/ C
  20. Installed Traffic Global...What a mess!! Sadly yes.
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