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  1. I should clarify I hope that FSW is successful but I am very skeptical, based on history.
  2. Im not sure I'm ready to trust a company that has a track record like DTG when it comes to "putting consumers first". Ask a train sim user how happy they are with the base sim cost after the thousands in DLC they shoved down people's throats.
  3. MSAA 8X I think. The supersampling one is above my PC's current ability.
  4. While the performance of P3Dv4 is phenomenal, I'm noticing I had better FPS in clouds running AS16+Rex softclouds in v3. Could that be because the default clouds are at 2048 texture size as opposed to SC's 512 with compression? I understand this isn't very scientific, just curious really.
  5. davecessna

    Line on NGX 700

    I'm pretty sure the ground power cart textures are messed up too on the 700.
  6. davecessna

    Yoke saitek not detect

    I made another thread without seeing this one, but I have the same issue with a Logitech Extreme 3D pro.
  7. None of my assigned joystick buttons function anymore. I am using a Logitech Extreme 3D pro. Everything was fine until I updated to 0.3.42. Reverting to non-experimental version fixed issue.
  8. davecessna

    Vector performance

    The freeware Lorby addon organizer temporarily creates a scenery.cfg that contains all sceneries, even those added by XML. You then run AEC and once it's complete, it will return the scenery.cfg to standard.
  9. davecessna

    Vector performance

    I try to use freeware AFCADS as much as possible which usually fix the elevation issues. I'm hoping now that Orbx has kicked the clowns at Pilot's to the curb, we'll see faster turnarounds on elevation issues in Vector. There are a few places where river elevations are causing canyons where there shouldn't be.
  10. Ok, I tried running PTA.exe in Windows 7 compatibility mode, it does create a settings.res file when activation succeeds and does not ask for it again. For experiment's sake, I temporarily deleted the new settings.res file that was created and the same issue occurs again. I restored the file and it seems to be ok. I believe there is an issue with how the settings.res file is generated.
  11. PTA is not creating the settings.res file in my case, despite being run as administrator.
  12. davecessna

    New JFK/EWR/LGA on Finals

    Just wait for a real developer to do KEWR.
  13. davecessna

    [13JUL17] Quick update from us...

    Now that the livery repair function has been fixed in OC, reinstalling your products is no issue at all for me. Took 20 minutes to reinstall all your products.
  14. They seem to foster this "self-appointed mod" attitude on this forum so I doubt you'll be seeing any real moderation. Thank goodness this isn't their primary method of customer support. I have the 737 in v4, though. Happier than a pig in mud. Incredible how far this sim has come in the past 2 years.