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Off to Nairobi. No landing pictures because due to some strange bug, all the ground service vehicles appeared beside the plane as I was taxiing in! :wacko:

Cleared for takeoff RWY25C


Positive rate. Gear up!


Should see the sunrise on the port side soon.


My newly-installed dome light is doing a great job..


Daylight over Germany.


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Posted (edited)

The late night departure of Lufthansa Cargo is timed perfectly for the sun rising as you descend into Nairobi! I want an MD-11 for P3DV4!

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Thanks Boeing! Well it was one heck of a late night - 05:46 local time. 8 hours between bottle to throttle, honest! :dry:

Good news regarding one MD-11 - the Sly Simulations one (this is their version 2.0  which I'm flying is V4 compatible :cool:. If you can put up with it not being a study sim, rather overpriced and one or two quirks, along with a version of EasyFMC then you too can have that beautiful tri-holer. There are a couple of youtube videos out, and have a look at my posts. Make sure you download the patch if you decide to get the plane. Paint kit is available (psd files) as is a free livery pack also.

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