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XPlane 11Saving a flight configuration.

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Hello all,

I am trying to save a flight, cold and dark with the Zibo mod 737-900U

When I set it up I am ensuring that everything is off and configured as follows in the overhead panel. however the following items are never saved as i want them saved.

1. Standby Power is off and unguarded. Saved state.  On startup this is closed and guarded.

2. Bus Transfer off and unguarded. Saved state. On startup this is closed and guarded as in 1.

3. Cab Util and IFE/Pass Seats both off. Saved state. On startup both are on.

4. Eng Start set in Both. Saved state. On startup this is in the Ign R position.

5.Left and Right Recirc fans are off. Saved state. On startup these are both in Auto.

6. Isolation valve is closed. Saved state. On startup valve is open

7. Left and right engine Bleeds are off. Saved State. On start up both are On

In flight Config screen "start with engines running" is unticked

Can anybody tell me why these are all changed and how I can actually save this config which is what I believe a cold and dark cockpit should be configured.

Any help appreciated.

Regards to all

Tony Chilcott


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I am not an expert user on the Zibo but I do seem to recall theres some options for this on the AviTab. Are you using that to save the configuration? Also as far as I can recall - the switch-state cannot be saved yet. However I think Zibo is working on this. 

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You can't save it the way you want because X-Plane doesn't save the variables of the Zibo. And even if it did, tomorrows Zibo update would break it again.

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Nev and Colonel X,

Thanks for your replies guys. Nev, I have not tried to save it through Avitab but, sadly, for me, it looks as though I will have to wait. A wonderful aircraft with so few flaws and such great complexity and detail.

I really do hope that these items are indeed on the "to be fixed list"

Another couple of things though.

At this time, I find that in the route planning pages, if I put in a runway (in the first page) when I get to the Departures/Arrivals page I get no SIDS  ... I assume this is applicable to all departure airports. My temporary solution is to leave that blank in the first route page and then I find that I can assign a SID and then a runway in Dep/Arr page. then go back to route and assign the runway. Not completely satisfactory but at least it works. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong.

I also notice that when I use "Better Pushback" after the push back starts the Parking break is no longer functional, even though when I assign parking brake it shows as set in the Throttle screen. The aircraft moves forward when the truck disconnects.

Lastly, and please note that at this time, I have not tested this in anything but the Aerobask DA42 and the Zibo.

I have assigned a Saitek Throttle quadrant lever (axis) to landing gear. This works well with the DA42 but not with the Zibo. Any ideas on that??

Thanks again guys for your responses and your further kind and generous help is requested.



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