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FSUIPC how to do compound actions.

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I'm brand new to the paid version FSUIPC, 2 days now, so am learning as a newbie.


T.A.R.G.E.T. and CHControlManger (for Thrustmaster and CH controllers respectively) allow a button to be designated as a shift button. Pushing that button (such as the flipper on a joystick) will not do anything, but it will determine which of 2 things pushing another button will do.

The FSUIPC programing AP that is in your FSX Menu as Addons|FSUPIC (if you have purchased FSUPIC) will easily program the buttons, easier than Target or CHCM. But there is no provision for shifted assignments when using it, but as the 'advanced users guide' PDF file explains, it can be done.

1) Changing button or axis assignments inside FSUIPC will take effect immediately. But changing the FSUIPC4.INI or FSUIPC5.INI in a text editor (like MS Notepad) will not take effect immediately. In fact you have to close FSX completely, then modify the FSUIPCx.INI file, then reboot FSX. 


2) So here's an example from my FSUIPC4.INI:

[Buttons.BASIC CIVILIAN PROP PLANES] <==(this is what I named my profile specific assignments).

0=P1,22,C65758,0     -{FLAPS_INCR}-
1=P1,21,C65759,0     -{FLAPS_DECR}-
4=R0,10,C66524,0     -{EYEPOINT_UP}-
5=R0,12,C66525,0     -{EYEPOINT_DOWN}-
6=R0,11,C66526,0     -{EYEPOINT_RIGHT}-
7=R0,13,C66527,0     -{EYEPOINT_LEFT}-

(lots of other rules here 8, 9, 10, ... 23)

24=R0,37,C65855,0     -{PAN_LEFT_DOWN}-
25=R0,39,C65854,0     -{PAN_LEFT_UP}-


The first 25 rules were done with the fast and easy FSUIPC programmer right in FSX.

The last two rules (26 and 27) I put into the FSUIPC4.INI file by typing text into notepad.

interpreted these two rules mean this:

Rule 26 is Conditional Pulse(joystick 0, button 4 is OFF) (that is not pushed in -) joystick0, button 3 will output a Keyboard 83 letter to FSX (K83 is code for s).

Rule 27 is Conditional Pulse (joystick 0,button4 is ON) (that is it is pushed in +) so now joystick 0, button 3 will output a Keyboard 65 letter to FSX (K65 is code for a).

The C means you are making a special conditional rule (the rule is conditional as to whether the shift button is pushed or not pushed).

The P means to pulse the output keyboard key into FSX instead of to hold it down continuously.

So when the flipper (Joystick0, button4) is not pressed down then hitting the side button on the stick (J0,B3) will do an 's': i.e. it will change view category (from inside view, to outside view, to hangar view, to plane view), just as pushing s on the keyboard would do.

But if flipper is pressed down then the side button will make the views change like when doing a keyboad a, i.e. if inside view is being displayed, then it will cycle around various inside views.

So this is a simple example of how 'shifts' work on any joystick with FSUIPC.




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For anybody new to FSUIPC (like me) here is how to make the rules I made by typing in text (26 and 27) do something different than outputing an s or an a.

these will output s or a.



These will output S or A




these will output Control s or Control a




these will output Shift + Control + s  or  Shift + Control + a



(see the FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users PDF file so see why this is so (page 23).

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Not trying to Troll but SPAD.NEXT makes this stuff so much easier to do....

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