Airfield land class disrupted after deleting Orbx

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By mistake i installed FTX Central by Orbx to obtain some AI traffic. I didn’t want to install Orbx scenery. I deleted FTX and since then the airfield land class is a disaster on stock airports. Instead of grass/dirt it shows parts of roadways and mostly water. The higher above the airport, the more water is visible till at one point the whole airport is surrounded by water. (Always with airport limits/land class)

i already started a new terrain cfg several times. I don t know what to do anymore. It is so frustrating. 

Who can help me? 🙏🏼

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You 'deleted' Orbx products or just the Orbx FTX Central?  Unless FTX Central also installed Orbx products just FTX Central wouldn't do anything to your simulator (FSX or P3D?).

You have not provided enough information, one needs to start guessing and inferring through deduction what you have done.  More words please.

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I am using P3Dv4 hencing the post on the P3d forum.

Problems started months ago after deleting orbx. I didn’t install orbx scenery for airports or regions. I was looking for the ai traffic packages at orbx. One of those packages was installed and later deleted also.

I don’t know if orbx has anything to do with it but for me...i connect the dots.

Since orbx installed, Airports are covered in water...the closer to

the ground i get...most of the airfield land class changes back to normal. 

When departing, you clearly see the airfield land class change from grass/dirt to water and it’s entirely in water except for runways, apron and buildings. It only affects the airport.

Per region issues differ. 

Apart from airports covered in water, some other scenery also is affected. Like in africa for one reason or another ground textures now show only highways in dirt, totally mixed up. 

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I run UTX together with a bunch of Orbx stuff, and after running FTX Central I always go in and disable and reenable all the UTX areas to make them rewrite their terrain.cfg entries, because FTXC removes some terrain.cfg entries made by UTX, and without them I see ground where there should be water, among other things.

For future reference, the P3D Addon Manager (freeware) produced by Lorby-SI will do a one-click save and restore of your important config files, including terrain.cfg...I back up my config regularly, and especially before running FTXC, because sometimes a boogered terrain.cfg or scenery configuration can get so messy it requires a complete reinstall of the sim.


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How can i solve this without having to reinstall the sim?

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Since no one else has replied, from your description, I suspect you're going to have to at least  uninstall/re-install your P3Dv4 Scenery. I would also recommend uninstalling/re-installing your P3Dv4 Client, and deleting your P3D.cfg file and Shaders Folder to let P3Dv4 rebuild new ones, just to be complete. Honestly, it's not that much to do, especially if you have your current P3Dv4 Client and Scenery handy (I find it's downloading the new ones that takes all the time).

This shouldn't effect any of your third party sceneries (from your comments, I assume you don't have FTX Global or Orbx HD trees, which would need to be re-installed). But if you have any third party shader add-ons, like Tomatoshade or Envtex, these would need to be reset.

But before doing all that, you could try one simple thing, if you haven't done so already: go into your P3Dv4 Scenery Library, click the OK button, and let P3Dv4 check to see if it can find any errors. I don't know if that will help any, but it's quick, won't hurt anything, and sometimes can fix jumbled scenery.

Sorry I don't have anything better to suggest.



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